Steam sale: 12 video game classics to discover for less than 10 euros

Sales started last week and they do not only concern Amazon, Fnac and other Cdiscount. On Steam, the campaigns are raining, too. For a few weeks, you can therefore treat yourself to a wide range of games at a reduced price, and it ranges from the small independent to the big classic in video games. Just to sort, we offer you 12 excellent games that have marked the world of video games for less than 10 euros during the sale.

Batman: Arkham Collection

We start strong with not one, not two, but three matches. Batman: The Arkham Collection actually contains the trilogy of Batman games signed Rocksteady. As a bonus, you can even count on the Arkham Knight Season Pass and all that for less than € 10. With this collection, you do not only go by quantity. The Batman games combine the power of a story and an emblematic hero with a successful gameplay and atmosphere, and they have impressed players who are desperately waiting for a return to the license. This campaign is the perfect opportunity to finally discover these video game classics. With us you get 19 for Batman Arkham City, 18 for Batman Arkham Asylum and 17 for Batman Arkham Knight, in other words you get something for your money. On the program: action of course and the special atmosphere of the streets of Gotham.

Bioshock Infinite

If there is one series that has dominated the FPS world, it is Bioshock. By inserting a good portion of script depth into the genre, Bioshock quickly established itself as a must-have, the kind of game you have to play at least once in your life. Based on its success, this surprising dystopia has become a license consisting of a trilogy. Bioshock Infinite is the youngest of this litter, and the least we can say is that it stands out from its predecessors. Bioshock Infinite leaves the city of Rapture to take us to Heavenly Columbia and has swapped a dark universe for a devilishly colorful direction. If the game has met with more divergent opinions, it’s still a must-have in its Steam library. Note that the remaster versions of Bioshock first of the name and Bioshock 2 are also for sale during this period. Each of them is available for € 3.99 instead of € 19.99.

Civilization VI

Direction a kind of niche aimed at the most tactical and patient players: 4X. Even if you are not familiar with this kind of strategy game, you are probably aware of the name of this license, which is the absolute master: Civilization. Designed by Sid Meier, the franchise’s first game was released in 1991. We are over thirty years later and it’s still alive. The latest title, Civilization VI, was released in 2016 and scored a handsome 17 out of 20 in our columns. By renewing the formula without denying its DNA, this sixth opus has managed to give the license a new life. Even today, it gathers many players for insane imperial battles. The goal, if you do not know it, is to build your own empire and let it flourish. For this you can count on the productivity, the resources, the power, the development, but also the diplomatic relations in your territory, while you cross the path of several historical figures.

Devil May Cry 5

We continue with the emblematic licenses with this time a beat’em up franchise coming straight from Japan, Devil May Cry, and its latest iteration, Devil May Cry 5. Released in March 2019, the title made the effect of a bomb , and not just because fans of the license have been waiting for eleven long years for a sequel to the Sparda sons’ adventure. With its richer and more rhythmic gameplay than ever, as well as its sense of renewal, Devil May Cry 5 has blown a really fresh breath on the license and the entire genre. Today, it inspires even the greatest. In fact, we can not help but see Devil May Cry 5 in the few gameplay images that Final Fantasy 16 recently offered us. Note that the game is sold with the package, so you can embody Dante’s twin brother, Vergil. The deluxe version of the game is also for sale, but only up to 50%, or € 19.99 instead of € 39.99.

Cave Knight

If you are interested in the various conferences organized by developers and publishers of all stripes, there is one name that will no doubt have caught your attention: Silksong. If the title is particularly awaited, and becomes almost a video game Arlesianer, it is because it is the direct successor to a game that has had a profound effect on the independent gaming market. And yet, there were only three to shape this metroidvania, which quickly became essential: Hollow Knight. Whether it’s the artistic direction, the impeccable and demanding gameplay or the particularly dense content, the title Team Cherry has ticked all the boxes. Hollow Knight has certainly not seriously revolutionized the formula, but is still climbing to the top of the curve. Add to the free content that is added regularly and you understand why its sequel is one of the most anticipated games at the moment. And if this is not the case then maybe you just need to spend 8 euros to see it for yourself.

Mortal Kombat 11

The Mortal Kombat fighting game series needs no introduction. After becoming emblematic, the series continues to offer new opus. The latest is thus the eleventh on the list. On the program: action, lethargy, lots of content and even a bit of tactics. Of course, we do not forget the famous fatal accidents. Enough to feel good on the couch to fight in all friendship. For former gamers who had not previously been tempted by the Mortal Kombat 11 experience, this is the perfect option to find Sub-Zero, Scorpion or even Frost. Please note that different packages are also available during this sales period. For € 14.99 you can actually offer the ultimate version of the title, including the various character packages. Add to that € 5 and you can add the Injustice 2 game (and its packages) to your Steam library. A pack of Mortal Kombat 11 and X is also available.

Ori and the Will of the Wispers

There is another metroidvania that has dominated the world of video games lately. This is Ori and the blind forest. Unveiled at E3 2014 during the Microsoft conference, Moon Studios games had made an impression. Its poetry, its magical artistic direction, its captivating music and its engaging gameplay made you want to get lost in it. The trial version was changed at the time of the release date, when Ori and the Blind Forest had established itself as a must-have for both gamers and non-gamers. An adventure to discover absolutely, and which even featured a sequel in 2020 with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The game has certainly proven to be a bit below its predecessor, but it’s still a video game experience to live. With its more dynamic matches and its new moves, it managed to get very nice 18 out of 20 in our columns, despite the presence of errors. Note that a bundle with the two Ori titles is also available during the sale at a price of € 13.39 instead of € 34.98.

Portal 2

Another name that does not need introduction. Portal is a somewhat unusual puzzle that offered an original concept at the time of its release: find the answer to various puzzles by using portals to teleport or move objects. The game has marked its era and has won several awards and inspired various titles after it. As is often the case with successful games, he was eligible for a successor. It was born in 2011 under the sober name Portal 2. Although the game was released more than ten years ago, it is not aged and can still be discovered without worry, especially at this price. A little extra: Portal 2 can be played with a friend. You get to know the song, a bundle including Portal 2 is also available at a discount during the sale. For € 10.64, no less than 22 Valve titles are offered to you. Among them, you will especially find Portal First by Name, Half-Life or Left 4 Dead.

Stardew Valley

Among the many big names in video games, a few freelancers have managed to find a place for themselves. We talked specifically about Hollow Knight above, and this is also the case with the game to come. Stardew Valley is a name that will no doubt sound familiar to your ears. And with good reason, the title ConcernedApe has gone far beyond its niche look to establish itself as a true masterpiece of video games. A tribute to the classics of life-simulating games, Stardew Valley not only rested on the achievements of its mentors, but deeply renewed an aging formula thanks to its rich content and its many secrets. Add to that a game as detailed as it is quality and you understand why Stardew Valley has built a strong reputation and a solid community just waiting for you.

Isaac’s bond: Rebirth

Also there we are on mastodon. The Binding of Isaac has over time become such a reference that any new roguelike / roguelit suffers from comparison. And yet, at first glance, it was hard to see Edmund McMillen’s play take advantage of such fame. With its somewhat confused subject matter, The Binding of Isaac is not really a game one can put in all hands. Bloody and completely crazy (in the literal sense of the word) the title is also a bit complicated to navigate. Roguelike commits, death is very often present. But that was not enough to stop the many players who tried their hand at this game, which has become essential. Note that the Rebirth version is a redesign of the original title and its addition, to which a pinch of new content was added. If you want to spend even less money, please note that The Binding of Isaac is available for € 2.49 (50% off). And if it is the other way around, a bundle of Rebirth, Postpartum † and Repentance is available for € 26.33 (instead of € 48.46).

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

While a new title The Witcher is in the boxes on the side of CD Project Red, you might be wondering what this amazing RPG, all of which elevate to the rank of essential, is worth. Even if you were curious, did you never manage to embark on this brand new (and long) adventure? Well, these promotions are probably an opportunity to get started. The game is actually available for small change compared to the hours of content it has to offer. In Geralt de Riv’s shoes, it’s time to kill monsters and discover the life of a witch through a large open world that is still presented today as an example to follow. Rest assured, it’s quite possible to get started in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt without having played the previous two games. Also note that you can get the Game of the Year version of the title, including the Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone DLCs, for only € 9.99.

Two Point Hospital

The story that there is something for everyone, we close this list with a title on another genre: management games. If you’re the type who finds these games tight, take courage. Anyone who interests us here plays with the codes of the genre to offer us an experience bordering on parody. You may have even heard of him, who is his spiritual father: the Theme Hospital. This hospital management game like no other offered you to treat diseases, each one more crazy than the next. Two Point Hospital takes the same formula and modernizes it a bit to offer us a delicious satirical game. In addition to its wild background, the title benefits from a particularly rich management aspect that you will never get tired of. In addition, Two Point Hospital has a whole host of DLCs ready to be added if you are on the hunt for new content. The bottom including all of them (namely 11 games in total) is also available at a price of € 40.15 instead of (€ 108.89).

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