Steam sale: 10 surprising video games to discover for less than 5 euros

Play news Steam sale: 10 surprising video games to discover for less than 5 euros

Sales started last week and they do not only concern Amazon, Fnac and other Cdiscount. On Steam, the campaigns are raining, too. For a few weeks, you can therefore treat yourself to a whole bunch of games at a reduced price, and it goes from the small independent to the big classic in video games. Just to sort, we offer you 10 indie games that you may not know for less than 5 euros.

You’re dead, life has left you … But that does not mean the adventure ends there. On board a boat you are on your way to life after death accompanied by a legendary smuggler. It invites you to relive the most important moments of your life, from your earliest memories to the peak of your career, including first love and first heartache. But memory is sometimes selective. The smuggler will force you to go beyond the apparent and uncover the sad truth that hides behind your existence. This gripping and rewarding story is told through an unusual mechanic. It is actually a blink of your eyes (via the camera) that allows you to move forward through your memories.

  • Price: € 4.49 until July 7 (instead of € 8.99)

It’s been five years since the events at Manic Mansion took place. The Purple Tentacle, created by the mad scientist Fred Edison, has been damned smart and dreams of dominating the world. Its creator can do nothing about it … at least not in this time frame. He actually decides to send Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie into the past to prevent the purple tentacle from developing his big brain. But of course, not everything goes as planned, and the companions are sent at different times. We still have to find a way to carry out their mission and find ourselves in the right time frame. If this point’n’click was a classic for a long time, it unfortunately tends to lose its aura. This is therefore an opportunity for the youngest of you to discover it through a remastered version.

  • Price: € 4.49 until July 7 (instead of € 14.99)

There are many rogue likes on this earth and it is very difficult to stand out. Still, that’s what the Dicey Dungeons have managed to do by introducing us to a game like Slay the Spire, but with dice. You play as one of the six-legged dice (the thief, the robot, the inventor …) in his quest to escape the terrible Lady Aléa. To do this you will have to defeat dungeons full of monsters. The structure is quite classic, but the game system, the synergies and the good life, not to mention the rather special artistic direction of the genre, make it a memorable experience that we can only advise you on, especially at this price.

The hours spent on your book Where’s Charlie? do you miss? Hidden Folks has the solution. Through hand-drawn black and white landscapes, search for more than 300 characters. If you trust your first impressions, you probably will not find them. You will need to browse, flip the bushes, open a few doors and any other action made possible by the 32 interactive sets. In short, it’s a giant hide-and-seek game with an artistic direction that is as minimalist as it is attractive. Hidden Folks is a great way to relax through a surprisingly complete and even surprising experience.

  • Price: € 3.59 until July 7 (instead of € 11.99)

Kingdom Two Crowns may be an award-winning game, but it does not enjoy much fame. And yet, this hybrid experience between adventure and micro-strategy has many tricks up its sleeve. It is through a very beautiful pixel art world that a very unusual way of developing your own kingdom takes place. Far from Civilization and other Tropico, Kingdom Two Crowns is not a 4X or a management game. If you play as a monarch, it is by going on adventures that you will be able to recruit new subjects and develop your kingdom, without forgetting to take part in the battle when necessary. Since its release, the title has had many modes, including a cooperative that allows you to conquer Kingdom Two Crowns’ land with your friends.

  • Price: € 4.99 until July 7 (instead of € 19.99)

There should be a Devolver game on this list of indies. Our focus has thus fallen on a somewhat special roguelite, which unfortunately has less popularity than other games released by our favorite video game punkers. So we continue in the big pixel task with Loop Hero. If the title with these roguelite and tire building mechanics is similar to many others, it is its automated side that fascinated us. Here, the result of your race will not come from your skills and other fighting abilities, but will simply be calculated according to your statistics. As a gacha, it therefore cordially invites you to start a small game while you start your business. Suffice it to say that for hyperactive people who like to optimize their time and do many things at once, this is the dream game.


Have you ever wanted to live like a little robot? Machinarium immerses you in the skin of Joseph, a young pile of scrap that has been wrongfully thrown away. its goal? Return to the city, from where he was unfortunately driven out to confront the terrible dark fraternity. But his journey is expected to be long and there will be many meetings on the way. Add to that some puzzles and you have a pretty classic game in itself. But it would be wrong to qualify it as such as it stands out for its touching story, its exuberant creativity and its very well-understood universe. Machinarium is a ten year old classic that it would be a shame to let sink into oblivion.

There are still places where the inhabitants are fed with ancient myths of all kinds. It’s lulled by these that a handful of future developers have grown up. When the time came to create their own game, it was inspired by these stories that they brought The Mooseman to life. In the shoes of a Man-Elk, the title invites you to travel around the worlds of ancient myths and discover spirits lost between the layers of creation. With its atmosphere carried by the traditional songs of the comedy people, The Mooseman takes us into a world hitherto unknown, to live a unique experience that has something to mark the spirits.

  • Price: € 1.39 until July 7 (instead of € 6.99)

When we talk about city editor, we think primarily of SimCity. But there are games that are moving away from the big cities to settle in more picturesque villages to build from scratch. Townscaper is not really a game with complex or particularly innovative mechanics. You may even find it quickly redundant. The richness of Oskar Stålberg’s title is not based on its form, but on its content. His atypical approach and his creative will make it a special experience, both particularly relaxing and satisfying.

  • Price: € 3.49 until July 7 (instead of € 4.99)

We take you on one last trip to the unique island of Elk. On these lands with a rather special appearance, all the inhabitants have a story to tell. Sometimes strange, sometimes outrageous, all these stories transcribed into play come from true stories. It is in the skin of the young carpenter Frigg that you will be able to spot them. Arriving from the big city, she is initially afraid of getting bored on Elk Island. But the stories of her neighbors quickly make her change her mind and for some brand her forever. In addition to its very polished narrative, Welcome to Elk offers joyful mini-games to put an end to this real lesson in video game life.

  • Price: € 4.99 until July 7 (instead of € 12.49) ‘

But also indie classics

  • A short hike for € 4.28
  • Celeste for € 4.99
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer for € 3.99
  • Gorogoa for € 4.49
  • Gray for € 4.24
  • Inside for € 4.99
  • Small nightmares for € 4.99
  • Exceeded to € 3.19
  • Papers, please for € 4.49
  • Pikuniku for € 2.69
  • Rogue Legacy for € 2.87
  • Salt and Sanctuary for € 4.49
  • Shady Part of Me for € 4.94
  • Terraria for € 4.99
  • The Binding of Isaac for € 2.49
  • This War of Mine for € 3.79
  • To the moon for € 1.59

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