Ottawa supplies 39 light armored vehicles to Ukraine | War in Ukraine

The light armor will come from the General Dynamic factory in London, Ontario. Parts needed for repairs and maintenance will be shipped at the same time. Military drone cameras will come from Burlington, Ontario.

The light armored vehicles were originally intended for the Canadian Armed Forces, which will still receive their orders later, as quickly as possible, said the Prime Minister. The same will apply to other equipment sent to Ukrainians, such as howitzers and rifles.

[Les Ukrainiens] pointed out to us how essential these cameras in the drones are for the work they perform […]. They need armored vehicles to help with troop transport. »

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accompanied by his defense and foreign ministers, Anita Anand (left) and Mélanie Joly, during his press conference at the end of the NATO summit.

Photo: The Canadian Press / AP / Manu Fernandez

The total bill for this equipment has not yet been determined, a government source told Radio Canada, but it could exceed $ 300 million. It will be funded with the $ 500 million envelope in support of Ukraine announced in the latest federal budget.

The same source assures that the government announcement is more than symbolic and that the material sent to Kiev will have a real effect on the site.

Vladimir Putin wanted to weaken NATO, but I can tell you that what I have seen this week is that we are united and determined to make our defensive alliance even stronger, now and for the future. »

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

After speaking after Mr. Trudeau meanwhile announced US President Joe Biden that the United States will offer new military aid worth over $ 800 million over the next few days.

The British government on Wednesday announced a further 1 billion pounds (1.55 billion kroner) in further assistance to Ukraine, including air defense systems and drones.

A NATO center in Montreal

The Canadian Prime Minister also stated that Canada has intends to host the North American Regional Office of NATO’s North Atlantic Defense Innovation Accelerator.

This is one of the 10 accelerators that NATO wants to establish in the countries of the Alliance to ensure a technological lead over its rivals, particularly in terms of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies.

Mr. Trudeau further confirmed that the NATO Military Committee endorsed the establishment in Montreal of the NATO Center of Excellence for Climate Change and Security, responsible for studying and preventing strategic and military challenges caused by extreme weather events.

He also reminded that the NATO battle group, led by Canada in Latvia, will be significantly strengthened to become suitable for combat, and that more Canadian soldiers will join its ranks. However, their number remains to be determined.

We will be there as long as necessary to ensure that Russia does not win in Ukraine and that democracies and the rule of law will prevail. »

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Canada participates in G20 in Bali

Mr. Trudeau also indicated that Canada will attend the G20 summit to be held in November in Bali, Indonesia, even if Russian President Vladimir Putin were to attend. Last spring, Mr Trudeau argued instead that Russia should be excluded from the group.

It’s too important a conversation about the global economy to deprive himself of it, the Prime Minister explained at a press conference and asked for the need for it thwart the voice and the lies that Russia can put forward.

However, it is clear that the agenda will be dominated by topics such as food insecurity and rising fuel prices, which include a direct consequence of the Kremlin’s decision to start an illegitimate and unjustified warhe added.

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