My health space: the health asset within reach of all Bretons

The implementation is gaining momentum

Launched in early 2022, the spread of “My Health Space” has accelerated significantly in recent weeks. In fact, an automatic profile creation campaign has started: affected users will receive an information email urging them to activate their profile. At the same time, healthcare professionals can already provide these safe spaces with patient-specific medical documents.

ARS Brittany and Health Insurance support “My health space”

In order for “My health space” to become a central tool in the prevention and care service over the next two years, ARS Bretagne and Sygesikring work hand in hand, so that health professionals and users acquire the service.

Healthcare professionals: equipment compatibility and training

ARS Brittany and Health Insurance facilitate the spread of “My Health Space” among health professionals. In fact, it is important that they have software that is compatible with the new digital healthcare system. Health insurance accompanies liberal professionals and laboratories. For its part, ARS monitors Brittany through the Health Cooperation Group (GCS) e-health Brittany in particular health institutions: health and medico-social. In this context, significant government funding is proposed for equipment for professionals and the achievement of utility targets.

Users: ambassadors and a webinar …

Ambassador unit. ARS Brittany is dependent on healthcare institutions but also local authorities, associations, companies … so many relay structures are able to promote the system to their patients, citizens, users, staff. Also “My health room” integrates the bouquet of services from “France service”. Upon request, everyone can actually benefit from specialized support through the territorial digital advisers.

Webinar for the public on 30/06 at 19.00. The partners offer an agreement that is accessible to everyone, to present the tool and detail its use: from the creation of its space, to the delivery of its medical profile through the consultation of its digital health record.

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“My health space”, the digital space to better manage your health

A symbolic project in the roadmap “Accelerating the digital shift” “My health space” has been implemented at the national level since the beginning of 2022. This new digital service gives citizens a hand in managing their health and allows them to gather in one and all the information, documents, health data and tools they need, gathered in one place. “My health space” is part of a rapidly changing environment and lives up to expectations for tools that simplify, optimize and accelerate the management of health and care processes.

“My health room” responds to one dual purpose :

  • provide each user with a secure and easily accessible space where he can add and consult his documents and health information and share them with the healthcare professionals who follow him;
  • improve the continuity of care to provide better care in the city and in the hospital, thanks to secure sharing of information while respecting patient rights.

This personal digital space is destined to become the future health book digital patient. It contains a “safe safe”, where all health documents are classified (prescriptions, biology results, hospitalization records, etc.), gradually provided by doctors, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

It also has one medical profile where the user can fill in his personal information (allergies and family history, useful for eg acute hospitalization) and update his constants (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.).

It also contains a vaccination card and one messages to ensure the patient’s exchange with the health professionals and institutions that care for him. Hosted in France, the data in “My Health Room” is extremely secure and remains the property of the user, which determines which health professionals can access his documents and the documents he agrees to share.

Upcoming developments

Gradually, “My Health Room” will be enriched with new features and new data. During 2022, users will have at their disposal one medical diary which will allow them to get an overview of their doctor visits, including their vaccination and screening reminders, as well as a catalog of services and applications to which the public authorities refer.

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