Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update. We tell you everything!

Play news Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update. We tell you everything!

Although Diablo II: Resurrected has been available for a long time now, the game still has a long way to go to be perfect. It is for this reason that hack’n slash is now receiving a major update to improve its quality of life.

An update to improve the quality of life

From now on, Diablo II: Resurrected players can log in to their game to download a brand new update. The latter, soberly titled 2.4.3., Enhances the comfort of the game by offering Renewed and redesigned matchmaking. The goal is to give players much more populated games than before.

With update 2.4.3, released on June 29, we introduce new features and various enhancements aimed at optimizing multiplayer lobbies on console and PC. (…) From now on, all the places in your region that your connection is sufficient for will be offered. And to give you even more options, we’ve also doubled the maximum number of games that can appear in the playlist, from 20 games to 40 games. allows you to update your list in near real time. You still need to update your playlist manually when we decided to keep this feature so that your list does not update when you want to select a game. Finally, be aware that these enhancements will be applied to consoles and PC lobbies. Blizzard

Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update.  We tell you everything!Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update.  We tell you everything!

In addition to this new proposal, there is also a new option that allows you to divide the Online game search into three categories, namely Private, Game creation and Playlist. The first allows, as the name suggests, to make your games private. The second option allows you to create your room and make it accessible to everyone, and finally the last one just shows the list of available games. That’s not all, many fixes and other adjustments are in the game, as you can see by looking at the patch note below.

The patch notes in detail


  • You can now use a new spout, a jump or a jump attack immediately after a spout ends.
  • We have changed the logic used to determine how often Waterspout attacks occur. Waterspout now integrates the increased attack speed for all equipment. The duration between each Waterspout attack is similar to the duration of a basic attack for your character, but will be altered by increased attack speed. When using two weapons, each will have an average duration when attacking (rounded up). Overall, Waterspout’s attacks will be just as fast as before. Slower weapons will be faster.
  • We have added a skill to throw stolen goods directly into your dice in the General Skills menu. Use this skill on an item to pick it up and place it in your Horadric Cube if you have space.
  • We’ve added a configurable key for people using a keyboard and mouse that allows you to open the Horadric Cube while it’s in your inventory.
  • We have added a new shortcut that allows you to open the Horadric Cube from the Inventory menu.
  • You can now assign multiple stat points at the same time with one controller.
  • A confirmation request will appear on your screen when you assign your last statistics points on PC and console. This option is not available if you are using older graphics.
  • An automatic map opening option is now available, allowing you to set your preferred location.

Online games

  • You can double-click a game in the lobby on your PC to join it.
  • If you use a Switch, you can now participate in a game created by your loved ones via the friends list in the game.
  • Playlist size doubled from 20 to 40.
  • Playlist information displayed on the information panel and playlist loads faster when you select a game.
  • If you play Diablo II: Resurected with your loved ones, you will appear at the top of the friends list.
  • If you play on the console, you will now be able to choose whether to display the name of the game via the options menu.
Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update.  We tell you everything!Diablo 2 Resurected gets a huge update.  We tell you everything!

A double XP weekend on the program

Finally, note that for five days, namely from June 30th to July 4th, Blizzard is setting up an event for players that increases your chances of leaving with a better prey.

You feel an incredible rush of adrenaline, your heart beats faster. From June 30 to July 4, a mysterious energy source will give you a 50% bonus to find magical items, increasing your chances of getting Legendary, Magical, Rare prey or Unique, as well as sets, after eliminating your opponents. This bonus is cumulative with those that your objects provide for the discovery of magical objects. Blizzard

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