12 details and Easter eggs you may have missed in season 3

Since June 22 has season 3 (the penultimate?) ofUmbrella Academy is available exclusively on Netflix. Whose series has been seen by millions of viewers and has created a lot of talk, we bet you missed some items! For like any series with self-respect, it is full of details, of flashing, of references and other Easter eggs more or less subtle! We have selected 12 for you!

WARNING: this article contains spoilers for season 3 ofUmbrella Academy ! Do not read on if you do not want to be spoiled.

1) A reference to guardians of the galaxy

Season 3 started strong and continued where season 2 left off: We find Umbrella Academy facing Sparrow Academy. But instead of fighting, they start a dance struggle whose movements refer directly to Guardians of the Galaxy. The music heard then, Footless, is taken from the 1984 film of the same name, for which Star Lord has great admiration.

2) The new mode with hidden qr codes

For some time now, many movies and series hide QR codes in some plans. This is again the case with the post-credit scene in the final episode of season 3 of Umbrella Academy (right, near the window). If you succeed in scanning it, you will come across a site that offers some tattoo models inspired by the universe of the series.

3) blink which is legion

The flashbacks with Harlan in episode 4 visually refer directly to the series Legion, where a man is diagnosed with schizophrenia but discovers that the voices he hears and the visions that appear to him may be true. A logical reference when we know it several team members worked on both series.

4) From black to white

After the annihilation of the universe by Kugelblitz, the episode ends for the very first time in the series with a fade to white, and not black as usual. If this marks an abrupt change, this change will, according to some, also refer to the white bison on the painting in Sir Reginald’s bedroom, but also to the bison on which Klaus sacrifices himself before resuscitation.

5) a reference to the group my chemical romance

In his first appearance, Sloane reads character a novel called Jetset life. A reference to the title Jetset life will kill you by the rock band My Chemical Romance whose leader, Gerard Way, is none other than the author of the Umbrella Academy comic.

6) But who is Jennifer?

In episode 7, Viktor arrives at Ben’s room, in which there are many drawings ofa woman named Jennifer. There is no more information about her and we have no idea who she is. But in the comics, certain clues point to that fact Ben is said to have died in an event called “Jennifer Incident”. (“Jennifer Incident, in VO).

7) A (dog) face familiar to comic book readers

As they check into the hotel, members of the Umbrella Academy meet a receptionist who has a dog named Mr. Pennycrumb. In the comics, it is the character of Five who was followed everywhere by a dog with that name.

8) Stanley Kubrick: a brilliant inspiration

The landscape at Hotel Oblivion, where a large part of the events of season 3 take place strongly reminiscent of the Overlook Hotel seen in the film shines, directed by Stanley Kubrick. As for the facade of the hotel, it would be, among other things inspired by the work of director Wes Anderson.

9) a character from the cartoon has discreetly appeared …

In this scene from episode 6, where Kugelblitz makes Stan disappear, the camera films the space from the ground and focuses on a goblet. To the left of it we can see the character of Diego, or rather his version of the comics, very different, drawn.

10) … with one eye less

When we talk about Diego, we also discover another version from him when Viktor reads a passage from a book about “Kennedy Six”. He is represented there with an eye patch, because in the comics, the character has only one eye. Also, if Diego in the series has both eyes, he has a scar close to the eye that he should not have. You follow?

11) a reference that cuts it for you

Due to actor Eliott Pages’ gender reassignment, Vanya became Viktor in this new season. It is therefore quite logicalhe cut his hair much shorter so he could look much closer at the character’s original design in the comics. Same for Allison.

12) condoms to love as a god

we end with Luther, who decides to buy “Valhalla” condoms. Yes, as the place where dead warriors are taken in Norse mythology. This scene refers to episode 5 of season 2, which was called Valhalla. In it, siblings discussed in particular what they would like to do with their last moments before the apocalypse. It seems that Luther has found the answer.

Then you noticed all these details in season 3 ofUmbrella Academy ? Our selection is not necessarily exhaustive, Feel free to share your own discoveries in the comments!

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