The Arlanc Health Center (Puy-de-Dôme) was inaugurated

In an area of ​​400 m², the Health Center of Arlanc currently houses two doctors, a general practitioner and a digestive and visceral surgeon; a nursing office; a midwife; two physiotherapist masseurs; two psychologists as well as an osteopath and paramedics.

These health professionals from the region, but also from the south, Normandy or the Rhône, have come to settle in the countryside and have a good time there. This space will give them better patient care and better collaboration.

With one doctor per 2,000 inhabitants is Livradois-Forez in the heart of a medical desert

Coraline Blineau, midwife (and gynecological follow-up), is happy to work in this environment. Despite a somewhat long start, she has now found her clientele and “loves country life”.

€ 200,000 is paid by the municipality

This project, which was initially to be inter-municipal, eventually became municipal. The work carried out by local businesses began in September 2019 and ended in June 2021 at a total cost of € 860,000 (the health area as well as the renovation of the town hall). A relief for the mayor, Jean Savinel, happy to finally be able to inaugurate this site after two years of health crisis.

The realization of this long work will make it possible to ensure a comprehensive care for patients and those who are furthest away from the care.

The search for funding was difficult, 70% of the budget was found (thanks to the Region, especially the municipalities), but there is still a little more than € 200,000 left at the expense of the municipality.

The first plank for the Ambert Health Center was finally laid

Daniel Forestier, president of the Community of Municipalities, added that it supports investment in setting up new health centers and that “helping new doctors set up” is a priority in the local health contract.

Two measures taken

André Chassaigne, a newly elected deputy, explained to him that three problems arose during his campaign: “Health, health and health. The implementation of such a project” requires dynamism, a spirit of openness to the public interest and the public good “. also the question of how the state can support the establishment of doctors in rural areas.

Problem that the sub-prefect, Nathalie Vitrat, also emphasized. She informed that a working group has been set up between ARS and CPAM in the Ambert sector to find solutions and recruit caregivers.

Despite a low number of admissions, Covid has not disappeared in Puy-de-Dôme

Brice Hortefeux, MEP, added that health is a major issue in the area, “especially when 25% of professionals retire”. He explained that two measures have been taken: to give € 3,000 to students to take their internships in rural areas and to offer € 10,000 to doctors so that they can settle for at least two years in the same areas.

The morning ended with a moment of fun around a drink and petit fours prepared by Ptit Plat Mobil, a company from Bertignat. Jean Savinel wanted “a beautiful and long life for this health space”.

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