Occitanie region: 200 million euros in aid, from electric cars to home renovations

This Thursday, 30 June, during the Second Plenary Session of the Regional Council, various measures in favor of purchasing power and energy sovereignty will be voted on.

The president of the Occitanie region revealed to the press on Wednesday afternoon that “a great plan of living power and sovereignty” comprehensive dozens of measures. Carole Delga sometimes evaluated these different measures “200 € in total on the mandate including an estimated € 25 million for eco-mobility control”. In addition, the community wants to create a generalized public service of electrical terminals in conjunction with the departmental energy associations to create 5,000 additional charging terminals throughout the regional territory thanks to an additional budget of 20 million euros. This plan is to be voted on Thursday, June 30, in the Regional Council plenary session.

Up to € 5,000 in total support for an electric car

In addition, as the energy crisis could lead to a loss of purchasing power of up to € 1,000 a year, the region is increasing its support for the purchase of electric or rechargeable hybrid cars. This time by opening this help for new. This is the first measure. “Regional aid, explained Carole Delga, can be combined with other state or metropolitan support, can go up to € 5,000. It is aimed at non-taxable households, ie 50% of the regional population ”. Reiterating its commitment to the creation of Low Emission Zones (ZFEs) in metropolitan areas, including Montpellier from 1 July and which over the years will ban thermal vehicles, even the least polluting.

4,000 owners of “clean” used cars already helped

Europe has declared the end of thermal vehicles in 2035. By 2019, society had launched support for the purchase of used cars of up to € 2,000, which can be combined with state support of € 2,500. This support benefited 4,000 owners of “clean” used cars with an average price of € 10,500.

It is the poorest people who are hardest hit by energy poverty who live in thermal sieves. ”

Carole Delga, Regional President

The region had set aside a budget of € 5.7 million for it. Today, this measure, which therefore concerns the purchase of new electric cars, will be available to non-taxable people from Occitanie, with a grant of up to € 5,000 per year. purchase project. “It can be combined with state aid of € 9,500.”

Example: the father of two children plans to buy an electric vehicle for € 33,700 (Renault Captur or Kia Miro type), yes, he will only pay € 19,200 for it. He will have saved € 14,500, thanks to support from the region (€ 5,000) and the state (€ 9,500). “It is the poorest people who are hardest hit by energy poverty, who live in thermal balances and pay ever-larger bills while living in the most polluted places such as highway edges.”.. adds Carole Delga.

Produces 100% of its energy from renewable alternatives

Craftsmen are not forgotten: they receive a maximum support of € 3,000 for an electric car and € 1,000 for a cargo bike (1). “It’s lower, but they get the VAT back …” “The region is the right scale for the transformation of society and the ecological transformation”; for “more power to live,” she formulated. Because Occitania has set itself the ambition of covering 100% of its energy consumption with renewable alternatives in 2050 and 50% in 2030. ” That’s not all.

A wide range of energy renovation initiatives

Among the many initiatives contained in this plan (2), we find “A single number, 3010, from 1 July, to find out how to renovate your home with a diagnosis covered up to € 570 and even there a € 1,500 home equity check to fund the thermal renovation; advance grants of up to EUR 20,000, covering regional and state aid to the most modest. Finally, a low-interest loan of up to € 75,000 is planned to finance the work. The thermal renovation was the subject of about 160,000 French consultations, half of which were 80,000 people in … Occitania, mainly because of our proactive action and our network. “ In 2021, the region launched Rénov’Occitanie with a network of 31 information counters. To do this, the Occitanie region has reserved an envelope of 15 million euros a year.


(1) Occitania has almost 200,000 artisans. To help them continue their activity in towns and villages without polluting, the region is supporting them in the form of a new mobility eco-check dedicated to craftsmen for used or new vehicles. The system will be available to all craft businesses in Occitania. The amount can be up to € 3,000, provided that the vehicle is scrapped and in favor of a refund of VAT. This system and these amounts are the subject of consultations with the Chambers of Commerce of the Occitanie, Hérault and Haute-Garonne regions.

(2) Among the dozens of planned actions is the creation of an Occitanie Solidarity Energy Fund to make the energy transition accessible to all; support households in checking their bills and discovering fuel poverty; support renovation work in condominiums to improve the living environment of residents (energy, biodiversity, environmental quality in the built environment): pricing of new young people and seniors TER: develop hydrogen mobility in mountain resorts Promote the acquisition of H2 professional vehicles; set up an H2 vehicle leasing company: support municipalities to switch off public lighting at night, etc.

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