Nivernais users like their electric car, less the network of terminals

Marina, Saint-Parize-le-Châtel. “I have been running electricity for six years. In the beginning, there were not many terminals and the batteries had a limited autonomy. Today there are more terminals, but also more electric cars. We have already made long journeys, to Monaco or Brest. Just take some time and anticipate your journey. The positive aspects are the silence on board, the easy driving and the fuel and maintenance savings. And when people ask me how long it takes to charge my car at home, I answer: “20 seconds. 10 to connect and 10 to disconnect “.»

“My budget has gone from € 80 for petrol per week to € 40 for electricity per month”

Cedric, Beffes. “I have been running electricity for two months. My budget went from € 80 for petrol per week to € 40 for electricity per month. In addition, charging stations are free in Nièvre. On the other hand, I am still waiting for the installation of a terminal at home. The deadlines have been extended because there is high demand. My car has only about 300 km of autonomy and it is therefore necessary to anticipate well. But it is very rare that I drive more than 300 km in one day. On the other hand, I prefer to keep a thermal vehicle for the holidays, which I find more suitable for long journeys. »

Frank, Cosne-sur-Loire. “I have been running electricity for more than five years. I am definitely convinced of this type of vehicle, more economical, cleaner and less noisy. In our rural areas, where individual homes are being developed, charging is possible in the home without large investments. However, the ban on thermal vehicles in 2035 is not a good signal, as it will be almost impossible to renew the vehicle fleet. »

“One piece of advice, take a white body to prevent the battery from heating up in direct sunlight”

Thomas, La Charite-sur-Loire. “I have owned an electric car for eighteen months. First and foremost, it’s economical. Once you get used to it, you can easily find boundaries despite a few moments of uncertainty in the beginning. To me, an electric car only makes sense if it is not an electric tank of the type 2h SUV. Finally a piece of advice, get a white body to prevent the battery from overheating in direct sunlight and to keep the vehicle cooler. »

Mickaël, Saint-Eloi. “I like how easy it is to drive: no gear to change, very powerful engine braking, no noise while driving. The price is cheaper now than a thermobile compared to a similar model and in addition it costs 3 € per 100 km in instead of € 10 at the moment for a diesel. Autonomy is largely sufficient with about 400 km. However, there are no charging stations. The principle is: “As soon as we stop, we plug in”, and therefore there are no terminals in the parking lots on Nevers Hospital or the supermarkets. “

Martin, Nevers. “I have had a small electric car without a driver’s license for a year. I do not regret my purchase, but I just have one drawback: There are still not enough terminals. I would also like some terminals to be reserved for small cars like mine that do not need to be charged for long. And I want these terminals to be coupled with solar panels to make it even more ecological. »

Vincent Darbeau

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