New PS +: how to avoid traps?

That’s what the new PlayStation subscriptions are here for: a real little revolution for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners who finally want access to a unified experience that combines game catalog, retrogaming and cloud games. PlayStation therefore joins the Xbox in the catalog offerings, but some issues are to be regretted. Therefore, there are probably a few tricks you do not know yet and some pitfalls you should not fall into.


  • Does it also work on PS4?
  • Beware of the cloud
  • You are a PS Plus and PS Now subscriber =
  • Classics
  • Choose your formulas carefully!

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Does it also work on PS4?

First, you only have one PS4, and you wonder if you can take advantage of all the contributions from the new service. We quickly remember that the new PS Plus is divided into three categories, Essential, Extra and Premium, each time with additional features and a price that is also rising. So if you pay more, is it interesting for a player who only has a PS4? Sure, yes, and especially right now. The new subscriptions adapt to your machine, and you will therefore have a slightly reduced version compared to the version you would have on PS5. Overall, the new formula PS Plus is a combination of PS4 and PS5 libraries, with the addition of the cloud and the ability to download games locally on certain titles. And in the highest formula, the Premium formula, PS Plus, it is now also a retro catalog offering PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3.

PlayStation’s big focus for these new formulas is also the ability to try out the games for a limited time before you buy them. This is the catalog of trial versions. And if you only have one PS4, rest assured, for now, because the games you can try are overwhelming across generations. Specifically, through the new PS Plus, if you’re on the PS4, you’ll have access to just about everything, in quantity and quality, everything except the next generation of games. Of course.

Then it will still be just as interesting in the future, nothing is less certain and you can find yourself in 6 months or a year, with additions of PS5 games, whether it is in the game catalog, it is similar to Game Pass or in trial versions and you will not be able to access it. PS5 games do not currently appear in your searches if you are on PS4. For example, if you search for Returnal or Demon’s Souls, they just will not appear. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to fall back on the hundreds of games from the various catalogs. A warning about this: some games are downloadable, others are also available in remote games in the cloud, and some games are only available in the cloud. Which brings us to our second warning.

Beware of the cloud

Whether you’re on PS5 or PS4, things change a bit and sometimes you’ll have to go through the cloud. And this cloud is the one for PS4. Right now, there is no way to run PS5 games in the cloud yet. This is not planned by Sony. It’s therefore impossible to play on PS4, a Demon’s Souls on the cloud, and your only alternative is to buy a PS5. The cloud is a direct legacy of PS Now, which has been redesigned and integrated into the next generation PS Plus. If you are on console, this cloud can intervene in the game catalog for the Extra formula, which you will then find on the Premium formula. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, for example, which is a PS4 and PS5 game, if you want to play it on your PS4, then you only have the cloud option, you can not download it on your console and play it locally.

New PS +: how to avoid traps?

The cloud you will have to spend there on a lot of games, especially on the retrogaming catalog for the Premium offer. There are some categories only available in the cloud, such as PS3 games. If you want to play old classics that have not received a PS4 re-release, then you need to go through some cloud game. The cloud is great for playing right away without having to download a game, which is handy especially when you know the PS5 only has 667 gigabytes of concrete storage, but on the other hand it adds a compression video overlay and a high bandwidth requirement to the experience becomes enjoyable. So be careful to be equipped with a great connection if your targeted games are in the cloud. Ideally, you should connect your console to maximize your chances of feeling good in the cloud. So there are a few pitfalls they do not fall into if you want to use your catalog effectively, depending on what platform you have. Now let’s talk about the subscription terms.

You are a PS Plus and PS Now subscriber =

Let’s move on to some pretty special cases. Imagine you are subscribing twice to PS Plus and PS Now. This is the case for quite a few gamers who take advantage of the benefits of the PS Plus and PS Now downloadable catalog and the cloud. So what happens now that the two subscriptions have been recast and merged? Sony provides an answer to this: you will be converted to PS Plus Premium, which is the case for all PS Now subscribers, and your commitment runs until the end of the farthest subscription. Basically, payment will not be doubled, rest assured, and you will therefore have the best of both worlds, because PS Plus Premium now gives you access to the various catalogs, current and retro, but also PC streaming, the legacy of PS Now, via an app called PlayStation Plus and built on the remnants of the PS Now app. In the cloud on PC we have access to the same catalog as in the cloud on PS4, we remind you that PS5 has no advantage in the cloud and that the 100% dematerialized toy library, available on the cloud, only pertains to PS4 games. In fact, the selection is thus smaller than the total Game Catalog, on console, but it is still qualitative and practical if you want to continue your games on your PC.

New PS +: how to avoid traps?

On the other hand, little concern about tariffs, in a very specific case. If you’ve ever been used to playing PS Now on PC, and PC only, and you paid € 5 a month to enjoy it for a year, bad news for you, pay double for the same service. In fact, if you have only one PC and no PlayStation console, your use of the PlayStation cloud will at least double in price. The cloud is only available on PS Plus Premium now, and at best it will cost you exactly 10 euros a month on a one year commitment. And suddenly you get paid for a subscription that gives you lots of things that you can not use because you do not have a PlayStation 4 or 5 to enjoy it. The good side of things is that you now on the PC have access to a catalog of classics, with new additions compared to the old formula. And precisely the classics, let’s talk about them.


If you are a passionate gamer from the PSP, PS1, PS2 and PS3 era, you should know that the Premium subscription has thought of you. If you choose the most expensive third of the new PS Plus, you get the little extra: the retro catalog. Incidentally, it is quite messy and it is a bit difficult to navigate as in other playlists. The error in the sorting system, which does not yet allow machine sorting. To find your way around correctly, we advise you to go to your list of benefits and go into the retro catalog through this place. This way you will see a row layout that correctly divides the retro catalog into several categories. There is a line for remasters that usually scales their resolution to more modern standards, a line for PS3 games that can only be played in the cloud. And then there is the last category where Sony put PSP, PS1, PS2 games. And there is a little peculiarity.

Technically, most are emulated games, and some, especially the few PSOne titles like Siphon Filter, Oddworld or even Tekken 2, offer you several additional options that you can skip. Using the menu buttons or the touchpad, you get access to a small overlay where you can rewind your game, save on the go or change the display to customize the screen and add filters. It’s a little extra to make these games more affordable in 2022, so that’s a good tip to know. Another specificity, the games we have today in this category are PAL games, they run less well than the games in the English version, which used to be in NTSC. Sony is going to put NTSC versions online in the coming weeks, even in Europe, so be sure to check which version you are playing on according to your expectations. In a few weeks, you may have two options, the PAL version, which has the French localization but pulls a little, and the NTSC version, more fluent, but only in English.

Choose your formulas carefully!

Come on, last trick and last little trap that you need to avoid: the prices of the various formulas. Very clearly if you do not want to ruin yourself and you do not intend to resell your console within a year, go for a 12 month subscription. It is very clear the formula that is the most beneficial no matter what you choose. As is often the case, if you subscribe to the month, you pay much more than if you take out the subscription for a period of one year or 3 months. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. It saves you very little compared to the monthly subscription. The really good plan is 12 months, which means you use PS Plus for € 10 a month instead of € 17 for a month. And look, if you ever take out the subscription in 3-month format, it costs you 16.66 euros instead of 17 euros, you save almost nothing for a commitment three times longer.

New PS +: how to avoid traps?

Paying 10 euros a month is therefore much more interesting. Sony therefore definitely gives you a little foot call to commit to a year. The same scenario is visible on the formula priced just below, the Extra formula, € 14 monthly, € 13.30 per month if you commit to 3 months, and € 8.30 if you take the year. It is clearly beneficial to use in 12 months. And very frankly, between the three formulas, for a difference of 170 euros a month on an annual commitment, the Premium offer is very clearly more interesting than the Extra formula. It also gives you access to the cloud on PC, for retro games, but also and above all for trial versions of great games. And if at the moment there are only about fifteen, it should happen quite abundantly on most triple A, enough to give you a nice test stand.

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