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Monster Hunter Rise has been out for almost a year now and players have been waiting for a lot of content to be added. As a reminder, the Monster Hunter license is a demanding and technical saga where players step into the shoes of an avatar created from A to Z, arriving at a village under the threat of a scary monster. The goal? Chase away all threats!

After several months of light updates and in the wake of a successful PC port, Capcom is releasing a major expansion to Monster Hunter Rise called Sunbreak on June 30th! This major expansion has been released on both the Nintendo Switch and PC and brings its share of new features that we will detail in this test.

A campaign that continues in Eldorado of Elgado!

Like the Iceborn expansion to Monster Hunter World, Sunbreak is a brand new story that directly follows the events that took place in Kamura Village in the base game. This new campaign takes place in the Elgado region and more specifically in the Royal Guards outpost, where the character of Lady Fiorayne will accompany us throughout our adventures.

This new village works in exactly the same way as Kamura with mission levels to reach, which will always be presented by this chart: Complete X-quests -> Urgent quest -> Complete X Quests -> Urgent-quest -> Promote the hunter’s rank. The campaign is articulated in this way a plot around a new older dragon, Malzeno, which seems to derive its power from a living organism called Quiros. This has the ability to drain the vital energy of monsters in the region while changing their behavior, even driving them insane. Your mission will be to solve the mysteries surrounding Malzeno and Quiros while helping the people of the village of Elgado. Of course, we will not tell you more so as not to ruin the pleasure of the plot.

Outside of the campaign, players will have the opportunity to find all the quests available on Rise with expeditions, re-quests and small missions that villagers can complete. However, a new type of quest is born, namely Paragon quests. These are missions where you will be accompanied by a computer-controlled non-player character. There are just under 10 different ones that will offer you to go hunting with them and yes, in multiplayer these can be with real players. These Paragon quests are also quite interesting, especially for new players who would have trouble finding friends to play with. This especially allows for Kill some high-level monsters using these console-controlled characters and thus recycle materials to improve your equipment, especially your weapons, which are essential for progress.

A comprehensive but still shy list

It is well known, the game of license Monster hunter have interesting or enjoyable campaigns to browse, but that is clearly not the great advantage of these titles. The strength of these games actually lies in the longevity they can offer once the G-rank is reached, i.e. the high level of play. Sunbreak brings this famous G Rank or Master Rank which follows Hunter Rank, which is already available in Rise. As a reminder, the rank of hunter is what determines the quests that you will be able to unlock, as well as the “level” of your character. Note that the master rank comes with the addition of new level 4 (master) jewels and master rank armor / weapons, of course!

In the end, it’s not surprising to have seen the rank of champion in Monster Hunter Rise, as this saga is worded the same way with each opus: a basic game that sees its content condensed by major updates or expansions (Monster Hunter World + Iceborn or Monster Hunter 3 + Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate). Sunbreak is therefore no exception to the rule and had a lot to do to come and continue the life of the original game, which lost interest very quickly as high level games were only poorly represented in the end. It’s clear that high level quests are there with Sunbreak, but they are also not of the same kind as what we have seen in a Monster World or MH3 / 4 Ultimate. Only for one reason: the absence of a random HL mode, which pushes players to want to grind even further without going through quests to complete and restart in a loop. To illustrate this issue, we very much regret the Fief of Monster Hunter World Iceborn, which had brought a real plus to the title’s life, and which means that the game is still very popular today despite the release of Rise there, over a year old!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Creatures (Malzeno, Magnamalo) live up to the legend of a real monster expansion?

Now let’s talk about the bestiary, which before Sunbreak makes up a total of 46 large monsters, counts the superior monsters, known as “Apex”, such as Rathalos or Zinogre. An honorable set, but not unbelievable either, and this is where Sunbreak should bring a great revival and a hell of a lot of monsters so players don’t get bored too quickly. Without telling you too much, we talked about fifteen monsters, new ones including Garanglom, Lunagaron or Malzeno and a few subspecies (a number that will change in the future as Capcom has only revealed future updates that will arrive on important days). We do not give you the exact number voluntarily to leave you a little surprised at the discovery of the targets you will encounter while browsing Sunbreak. According to the United States the bestiary is honest but a little skinny because by comparison, there were 27 monsters (12 monsters not present in the base game + 15 subspecies) added by Iceborn to Monster Hunter World.

It is also important to note that we would have liked to have had a little more region, for we end up with only two new areas, Jungle (which is an old Monster Hunter 2 card) and the Citadel created for Sunbreak. The latter is a very well-worked area where different biomes collide, but the addition of another original area would have been a real plus. It will therefore be necessary that the updates and follow-up of the game are solid so that the fans do not feel neglected and stay on the game.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Creatures (Malzeno, Magnamalo) live up to the legend of a real monster expansion?Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Creatures (Malzeno, Magnamalo) live up to the legend of a real monster expansion?

Adapt to hunt better!

A good deal of the innovations are also on the side of the gameplay and luckily because it’s one of the strengths of the series of Monster Hunter since now several opus. As a reminder, Rise had brought several great news, materialized by Filoptère and Chumsky. The first provides a much more airy dimension to the playability of all weapons, which is still 14 in number, while the second provides significant comfort during all the hunts. Sunbreak does not interfere with these elements, but reinforces a slightly more precise novelty related to substitution talents (your special features for each weapon in general)the replacement rollers.

Before Sunbreak, you had to make choices as to what talents to take for your weapons, you could choose between 3 and 4, but never choose all the ones available. It was therefore necessary to make regular visits to your chest to change your talents to adapt them to the monsters you wanted to hunt. With the addition of rolls in Sunbreak, you will be able to assign different talents to each parchment, of which there are 2 (one red and one blue), and you can switch from one to the other in the middle of a mission.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Creatures (Malzeno, Magnamalo) live up to the legend of a real monster expansion?

In fact, through a very simple manipulation you will be able to switch from red to blue parchment (and vice versa) and thus change all your special movements to adapt to the enemy without going through the chest of the village or tent! A very big positive point for playing comfort, without forgetting that it is now possible to climb the walls directly by running on them and this without using the filopter.

For a little more expert players, more substitution talents have been added to all weapons such as dodging or counterfiltering for weapons that do not have these features in their arsenal. But that’s not all, as buffs or damage talents that make the gameplay even more nervous are available, which, let’s be clear, is one of Monster Hunter Rise’s greatest strengths!



  • Lots of quests and great life
  • New charismatic and original monsters
  • Return of some iconic monsters (Gore and Shagaru Magala)
  • Generally harder
  • More flexible gameplay thanks to reels
  • Paragon quests to help beginners and solo players
  • More gaming comfort on the hunt
  • Technically very solid on Switch in laptop and dock

Weak points

  • Still no really random playoff mode (see Fief on Iceborn)
  • Slightly anecdotal campaign scenario
  • Inaccurate and often messy fights
  • Moderately large roster for such an extension
  • Only two new areas
  • A little too much farming to unlock the content
  • No alternative to state of emergency

In the end, it’s hard to judge an expansion on Monster Hunter as it’s not yet in the final version. Several updates are already planned in the coming months with additions of monsters, quests and special events. In the state, Monster Hunter Sunbreak sublimates everything that has been suggested by Rise without revolutionizing the formula. We regret the absence of a mode similar to Fief of Iceborn for players who want to continue at the end of the game, but it is clear that the expansion proposed by Capcom is solid, fairly well-assorted and very technically, whether it is on Nintendo Switch or PC. A must for fans of the genre and a title you must not miss this summer!

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