French pearls discovered in a barn

Lader is often a real Ali Baba’s cave! As is especially the case with the barn of a French engineer, Heron, a car enthusiast. In fact, the Pierre Heron collection is simply impressive as it includes cars that have left their mark on history.

Visits to the barn sometimes lead to the discovery of unexpected treasures. As a lover of ancestors, how not to be seduced and amazed when a barn is housed a fine collection of classic cars? Although on arrival one can be intimidated by the dust layer that covers the cars. Here in the middle of the center of France, we came across some rare Talbot and Delahaye models. Basic French cars …

A dream collection

That Pierre Heron collection inspires more than one ancestral enthusiast. This barn contains an impressive collection of classic cars, stored for almost 40 years in dry and protected conditions. Pierre Heron, the owner of the barn, is a French engineer who died in 2021. His passion for cars was born after visiting the Paris Motor Show for the first time at the age of 14. But why call it dream collection »? Simply because it includes many rare French classic cars as well as a Spanish coupe from the 1920s.

Rare models from history

Whose Talbot Lago T26 GSL coupe considered to be rare models, this is because only 15 copies were designed. And among the classics from the Pierre Heron collection, one of these examples sleeps at the back of the barn: the Talbot Lago T26 GSL from 1954, which bears the chassis number 111007.

The collection also includes several Delahaye modelsincluding the magnificent Delahaye 135 M Cabriolet “El Glaoui” Figoni & Falaschi from 1948, which carries the chassis number 800833. This sublime French masterpiece is one of 18 convertibles ever built.

If French models are in the majority in the Heron Collection1928 Hispano-Suiza Type 49 Coach did not go unnoticed. It is the only non-French car in this wealthy owner’s barn. A coupe designed in Spain and above all completely original, without the slightest trace of restoration and above all rolling.

Attractive prices

For example, at an auction in 2018 Delahaye 135 Competition was sold for several million euros. Which is not the case with the classic cars here, as the estimated values ​​were 200,000 euros, or about $ 210,000. If the prices are so attractive, it’s because they’ve spent almost 40 years off the roads, and they’re mostly requiring a thorough restoration to be able to drive again.

Pierre Heron’s children have decided to auction off 24 nuggets from their father’s collection. The famous auction house Artcurial will organize this sale in July next year. Amateurs, amateurs, tick your calendar …

Experience the treasures of the Pierre Heron collection in this video:

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