Cargo Captain: the alternative to the other car

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The Galician company presented yesterday (Tuesday, June 28) in building 78 of the La Janais Industrial Excellence Center, the prototype of the Captain Cargo, a premium cargo bike with electric assistance. An alternative to the car in the city.

They will manufacture bicycles in a building of Stellanti’s car factory: the founders of the young company “Galian ” have just presented their cargo bike prototype in Rennes – La Janais, in a large building purchased by Stellantis from the metropolis. A building intended to house companies that develop low-carbon transportation solutions. So the first one should be “galian“, a Breton company that wants to launch mass production of its electrically assisted cargo bike.

baptized “Captain Freighter“, the vessel is capable of carrying up to two adults and two children, as pointed out Vincent Renard, one of its designers : “You can carry, as on all cargo bikes, one or two children in front, but it has a real carrying capacity of an adult in the back. We are on a bike that is a little longer than” a classic bike, it is about 2.50 m long and we wanted to bring a pretty strong concept of design. It takes up a bit of car codes, we want to put people who like nice cars on a nice bike, this is Galian’s commitment to design … “

Vincent Fox

Credit: Yann Launay

A product made in Europe

Make no mistake: Galian does not just want to assemble its cargo bike in Rennes using components from around the world. The goal is to manufacture a large part of the bike on site or with French and European parts, as explained Jean-Marc Lesimple, one of the designers of Capitaine cargo :

“You should know that in France we hardly make frames: These frames are generally made in Asia, and are starting to be made in Portugal in large series. Our desire is to build this frame ourselves. We try to target components made at least in Europe: We chose to have our fenders made by a Swiss brand that manufactures them in Switzerland. Engines and batteries are currently manufactured in Eastern Europe. We are working on the industrialization of another engine that has not been manufactured beyond Lyon … “

The La Janais factory is not a discovery for some members of the Galician team: it is even a comeback for Jean-Marc Lesimple, interviewed by Yann Launay: “I did part of my career at PSA, I arrived in the year 2000 right here, it’s a pretty funny hint to the story. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to me, this industrial center of excellence project and this project to manufacture a bicycle in France. We are not meant to replace the car, but to become a complementary meansand doing so in this industrial environment, it will hopefully be for Galian the opportunity to promote the way of making a bicycle at home … “

Jean-Marc Lesimple

Credit: Yann Launay

Captain Freighter

A high-end bike …

Will this cargo bike made in Breizh be reserved for wealthy customers? Galian makes no secret of the fact that his bike is clearly placed at the top of the range, but with prices that will remain competitive (between 6500 and 8500 euros, depending on the options), thanks to the planned form of marketing: “We manage to be competitive today compared to Asia by eliminating the distributor’s margin: we have bicycle café showrooms, we want 1 or 2 bicycle cafes per city in France, and you will buy the bicycle directly on our website and it will be delivered to café -vélo. We want a different sales system, in long-term lease, as for a car, by paying monthly payments between 160 and 190 euros per.. “

Vincent Renard, one of its designers

Credit: Yann Launay

Jean-Marc Lesimple

A bicycle rather than another car

The building purchased by Rennes Métropole, with an area of ​​26,000 m2, was to be followed by other purchases, still on the Janais site. For Sébastien Semeril, Vice-President of the Rennes Métropole for Economics, the arrival of Galian and his cargo bike is only the beginning of a necessary re-industrialization: “We have seen with these successive crises, first health and then the crisis in Ukraine, that we were extremely dependent. When we also know that we have climate goals to respect, the challenge of the cargo bike, for example, may be to replace the other car in the homes. If we can also consider the construction of these cargo bikes on the Janais, we will have made a double blow … “

Sebastien Semeril

Credit: Yann Launay

Currently in the pre-marketing phase is Captain Freighter will go into production in December 2022. Delivery of 150 limited-edition bikes is scheduled for 2023.

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