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This digital health book, launched by the Ministry of Health, allows you to digitally save your x-rays, blood test results … What is my health room? How do you open your account? Is it mandatory? How can one oppose it? What is the risk of fraud? What about the common journal? We make status.

My health room is a digital health journal individual developed by the health insurance and the Ministry of Health for all French, kept up to date all his life and contained in a phone (application) or on a computer. “It gives everyone the opportunity keep all documents (x-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, prescriptions, red. note) and useful information for his medical follow-up and share safely with healthcare professionalssays health insurance. A profile “My health room“is automatically created for all the insured who have not expressed their opposition, Sygesikring stated on 22 June. That affected persons are notified by sending an email 48 hours after opening automatically from their profile. But be careful fraud in the form offraudulent calls and messages.These callers and their intermediaries claim to want to “help create My Health Space” and ask to enter the “France Connect” identifiers to access the digital service. It is about a fraud attemptsbecause My health area is not yet compatible with France Connect. That the risk of identity theft is significant and may affect different services in case of transmission of information (taxes, etc.)“Warns the organization. As a reminder, health insurance never asks for bank details or passwords. What is it My health room? How open its account? Whose is it intended? Is it mandatory ? What about oppose ? Are there any risks Data protection personal? Can we deny it? What about Common journal ?

What is My Health Space?

My Health Space is one digital health journal individual made available to the 69 million people insured in France by the state and health insurance to enable every citizen to store their medical information and share it with the healthcare professionals who take care of it. The My health space mobile application is accessible via the website monespacesante.fr from a mobile phone or can be consulted directly on a computer.The digital space saves everyone X-rays, blood tests and hospitalization reports. You can enter your history, your allergies, your prescriptionsSaid the Minister of Health during a press conference on 3 February. Onin addition to the medical record and a secure messagethis service will eventually provide access to one agenda for the collection of medical appointmentsas well as one catalog of health services and applications referenced by public authorities“continued the Health Insurance. We thus find in its Health Room:

  • The common journal (DMP) : it is the “online health book” (prescriptions and care, radio, ultrasound, scanner, MRI, biological results, prevention and screening, reports, medical certificates, etc.)
  • The health diary to record medical appointments
  • A messaging service to receive personal information from the care team
  • Access to health applications selected and certified by the state.
Service features My health space February 3, 2022 © Health insurance

Who is My Health Space for?

All people, regardless of their health insurance plan, can use this new service: farmers, employees, the self-employed, students, etc.says health insurance.In order for everyone to enjoy it, we link one network of actors and volunteer professionals to support the people furthest away from digital technology in the handling of this tool. Everyone must have accessDefended Olivier Véran.

Is It Mandatory To Have My Health Space?

My health room it is not mandatory. He is determined “on those who want to use itsaid Olivier Véran. If you have not proceeded to oppose the creation of your room within the period of 6 weeks after receiving the code by email or post, a period has now expired, keep the opportunity to close your seat.

How do I activate My Health Space?

A “My Health Room” profile is automatically created for all policyholders who have not expressed their opposition. The next step is therefore that the insured activates their profile. “A confidential code was sent to each insured, per. e-mail or per. mail. Everyone can use this code to activate your personal area. This code will be valid for 6 weeks from the date of dispatch. After this period, his personal space is created automatically. The insured retains the option to activate or close this space at any time after this period. inform the health insurance. By going to monespacesante.fr website, click on “Activate my space”. You must bring your code and your Vitale card. “You start from one blank page and you will have to bring it to lifefeed it according to your needs, according to your discussions with your relativesadded Olivier Véran. This action is necessary to access his data, add documents or complete his medical profile. However, it is not necessary to have activated his My health space profile for a healthcare professional to submit a document there, this is possible as soon as it is automatically opened by the Health Insurance.

Catch my health room
Screenshot My Health Space © My Health Space

To connect to My Health Space, go to website monespacesante.fr and identify yourself using your username and password created during the first connection.

Can I object to My Health Space?

Your personal space is created automatically, but you keep it option not to activate your room and close it. To luk My Health Spaceclick on your profile at the top right of the screen and then on “Settings“. You can request downloads all your profile information and / or requests permanent deletion.

Will the common record be deleted?

The common medical record, commonly called the DMP, is one digital health book for safe storage of your health documents: prescriptions, test results, reports… DMP also makes it possible to share this information with the healthcare professionals of your choice to improve your medical follow-up, including in the event of an emergency. If you already had a DMP, its content is integrated into the new My Health Space service. If you refuse My Health Space, your DMP will not be deleted, but you will not be able to access it anytime soon from the dmp.fr Web site and the DMP application. However, this will remain available to healthcare professionals during a transitional period before it is definitely closed.

Is personal data well protected?

Health insurance guarantees the security and protection of personal data contained in My Health Space. She clarifies that “These data is hosted in France on servers that meet the highest security standards. My health room keeps the doctor secretas it is the user who decides which healthcare professionals can have access to his documents and the documents he agrees to share“.”The documents in “My Health Room” are visible to health professionals who are authorized by law and regulations. Neither Health Insurance, Mutual Insurance Companies or Occupational Medicine have access to this data.“says the organization. However, on February 18, 2022, Health Insurance warns users about fraudulent messages and calls. “These callers and their intermediaries claim to want to “help create My Health Space” and ask to enter the “France Connect” identifiers to access the digital service. This is a scam attempt because My Health Space is not yet compatible with France Connect. The risk of identity theft is significant and can affect various services in case of transmission of information (taxes, etc.)“Warns the organization. As a reminder, health insurance never asks for bank details or passwords.


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