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DS 7 Crossback was unveiled in late 2017 and enabled the manufacturer to establish its reputation in the premium market. And to prove that a French SUV could really compete with German brands.

But in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market, DS Automobiles had to rejuvenate its flagship model. It is now done, with the presentation of New DS 7, crowned with a new last name and a new assertive look.

The change in continuity

By changing the name, we could have expected a more radical development for this new DS 7. However, it is more than a simple restyling that is on the menu of the French SUV.

In terms of appearance, the brand has always known how to use language to evoke its models, and this is still the case when we present this DS 7, developed “in a haute-couture spirit”. It is especially the front that catches the eye, with new, sharper lines a more expressive 100% LED light signature. We especially like these refined DS Pixel LED Vision 3.0 headlights along with the DS Light Veil daytime running lights. Inspired by the X E-Tense and Aero Sport Lounge concepts (seen at the Lyon Motor Show), they take the form of four vertical light lines consisting of 33 LEDs.

Also at the rear, this new DS 7 has the advantage of a new brushstroke. The LED lights have been redesigned with a “vortex effect scale treatment”. And as the name of the car changes, the wording CROSSBACK is gone, replaced by DS AUTOMOBILES letters, to confirm the new identity of the vehicle.

A haute couture interior

Luxury and sophistication had already guided the teams of manufacturers on the DS 7 Crossback, this is of course still the case on this DS 7. Beautiful materials are therefore on the agenda, always in this haute-couture spirit, “like the biggest Parisian fashion houses”.

Nappa leather is available in Basalt Black and Pearl Gray on the DS 7 Opéra finish, while a new draped effect is displayed on the dashboard and door panels. The other versions of the SUV, each with more prestigious names than the other (Rivoli, Bastille, etc.). Even the custom mood lighting now has a pattern inspired by the Clous de Paris guillochage (familiar to se enthusiasts).

More than just seats, the DS does not hesitate to talk about armchairs to accommodate the driver and his passengers, with a design inspired by the metal chain on a luxury watch.

The new DS 7 is not happy to impress, as it also integrates a wide range of innovative technologies. Among them, let’s mention the arrival of a new infotainment system called the DS IRIS SYSTEM, which will take place on a high-resolution 12-inch touch screen and offer an incomparable navigation experience (that’s at least what ‘we get to know!’).

On the safety side, the Night Vision system will be able to detect cyclists, pedestrians and animals up to 100 meters away, while DS Driver Attention Monitoring analyzes the driver’s level of attention (gaze orientation, eyelid blink, yawn), etc. at the same time as the vehicle’s behavior in its environment.

New DS 7 trunk

Three plug-in hybrid engines and … diesel!

Under the bonnet, the diesel has not yet disappeared! The new DS 7 will still be welcome a 130 horsepower BlueHDi device, while more 130, 215 and 225 horsepower PureTech petrol engines will also be offered outside Europe. But of course, since electrification is the rule, the SUV will also be available in three rechargeable hybrid versions at 225, 300 and 360 horsepower.

The latter will be equipped at the top of the row with a four-wheel drive transmission with a PureTech 200 engine, connected to electric machines of 110 horsepower at the front and 112 at the rear. Equipped with 21-inch rims and benefiting from specific adjustments made by the DS Performance teams, this DS 7 E-TENSE 4 × 4 360 manages 0-100 km / h in 5.6 seconds and 1000 meters standing start in 25.4 seconds.

In terms of consumption, DS announces that its new 14.2 kWh battery will make it possible to travel up to 65 kilometers in zero-emission mode (according to WLTP mixed cycle) and even 81 kilometers in the city. The charging time should be about two hours on a 7.4 kW terminal.

DS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 360

Prices and availability of the new DS 7

We will have to wait a little longer to know the prices, but pre-orders will be open from 11 July 2022. A limited edition “La Première”, which benefits from all the equipment and a few distinctive elements, should be available around 72,000 Euro.

The first releases from Mulhouse’s production lines are expected in September.

New DS 7 2022

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