Meta’s digital wallet dedicated to the meta verse

The metaverse gets a little more space every day. The development of the digital is embedded a little more in the social life. While cryptocurrencies are starting to scare investors, other digital assets are seducing many. Meta, formerly Facebook, understands the influence of the meta verse and wants to bring it closer to ever-increasing users. Experience Meta Pay, the platform’s digital wallet dedicated exclusively to the meta verse.

Everyone knows Meta and its Facebook Pay feature. Launched many years ago, the platform has grown rapidly and has become one of the most widely used in the world. Formerly Facebook, the social network recently changed its name with the development of the meta-verse. So Meta-like metaverse is pretty easy to understand. The purpose of this change? Troubleshoot value interactions and transactions in the meta verse.

When the app was still Facebook, it had a payment system called Facebook Pay. When it was launched in November 2019, it was only available on Messenger and Facebook in the US. Like Samsung Pay or Google Pay, it allows mobile payment, but only on the social network. Users could therefore purchase products on the Marketplace or refund their friends via Messenger. With technological development, the world is suddenly getting bigger and the needs bigger.

With this in mind, Meta recently announced the launch of a new digital wallet, Meta Pay. The latter will aim to support users’ finances in the new iteration of the metaverse of Meta. It will thus be a further development of the old version and will offer many services in accordance with the expectations that the technological development raises.

In fact, the new wallet will not only support payments like the old version, but it will also place a new emphasis on proof of ownership and digital identity. According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, this development will bring the solution to two major problems in the meta-verse. Namely: proof of ownership and availability of digital assets. Both of these features allow owners to take some of their items to different departments.

The metaverse is large and it is almost impossible to cross it. With the many digital products popping up every day, interoperability is fast becoming an essential point. In fact, more and more universes are being created every day in this parallel world. If many people equate the metaverse with Facebook, it’s time to abuse them, as there are more. The media coverage of NFTs allows a little more explosion of this digital space.

Individuals or companies, all are eager to acquire a property in the meta-verse. Whether it’s clothes, art, music or earth, you can find it all and everyone wants to write history. Thanks to its fame, the products are becoming more and more expensive. The extension of this concept creates difficulties that can also harm the owners.

Zuckerberg has discovered these flaws and offers interoperability that can overcome certain difficulties. In fact, standardization and portability in the metaverse would make it possible to enjoy its products on all platforms. Thus, Meta Pay is a path to Web3 interconnection. To carry out its projects, the company has entered into partnerships with other companies operating in the field of digital technology. By partnering with Epic and Microsoft, Meta hopes to make metavers more interoperable.

Meta Pay, the new digital wallet from Meta promises many surprises. If you already liked Facebook Pay, the enhanced version will probably appeal to you more. What if we made the metaverse more accessible and interoperable? This is the goal of the platform. Connection between the various metavers as well as a universal payment method will be an asset for creators. Some degree of standardization will actually attract new consumers who value their work. Proof of ownership is also an important point.

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