Health Insurance: What does this email tell me about My Health Area being created?

Securely, “My Health Room” makes it possible to store all information that is useful for medical follow-up (prescriptions, results of biological analyzes, medical reports, etc.). (© La Presse de la Manche)

You may also have received it, this email tells you that “Your My Health Space service has been created.”

Sure, this is not a scam, but in fact of a health insurance procedure to give you access to this digital health journal, launched in February 2022 by the government.

What is My Health Space?

Since the beginning of 2022, the Ministry of Health has conducted an information campaign to promote this new digital journal, which replaces the Common Journal.

We had already explained in a previous article how this digital space worked, on which saved all important documents related to your health (X-rays, prescriptions, test results, medical certificates, etc.) available to all healthcare professionalsfor better monitoring of your situation.

This allows you to centralize this information in a single online room and exchange with healthcare professionals via secure messaging. Professionals can “throw your health documents there and consult those who are already there with your permission,” the Ameli website specifies.

To consult your documents, healthcare professionals should ask for your consent and may be penalized if they do not. Each time a healthcare professional consults a document, you will receive a notification.

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Why is my room created automatically?

In this context, Sygesikringen communicated with all policyholders, by e-mail or post, by “offering them either to activate their profile or to refuse the creation within 6 weeks.

This email or postal letter informed policyholders that without action on their part, their profile would be automatically created at the end of this period “, Explains the Health Insurance for its part.

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Once the 6-week objection period has expired, an “My Health Room” profile is automatically created for all policyholders who have not expressed their opposition. The health insurance informs the affected persons while they are walking, by sending an e-mail 48 hours after the automatic opening of their profile.

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A service is being implemented

This explains why policyholders receive an email that appears to come out of nowhere indicating the creation of their personal space. Do not panic, so if, like us on news.fryou had some forgot this deadline.

Policyholders have been contacted on this subject on several occasions, which may have caused some to be suspicious or even fear a possible phishing attempt (attempted fraud using a call, text message, email or fraudulent mail). This is not the case.

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Contacted by news.frThe health insurance was not able to indicate how many such e-mails had been sent in total, the service “is still being deployed”.

L’Assurance Maladie simply states that the creation of My Health Space concerns “everyone, regardless of their health insurance plan […] : employees, self-employed, students, farmers, etc. »

But what if I’m against it?

If you against when you create your account within this six week period, your personal space has not normally been created. And if you ultimately refuse to allow your health data to be available online to any professional who would like to consult it but you have not expressed your refusal in a timely manner, you can always do so.

As we explained in this article, it is actually always possible to close your account after it has been created.

To do this, first log in with your identifiers on the website, go to the “settings” tab and then “close profile.”

An account to activate

Health insurance also reminds you that creating an account does not mean that it is activated.

To activate it, the insured must enter the My health space page with the preliminary code (received by e-mail or post) and his Vitale card. This code is not only valid for six weeksbut a new code may be requested again after this period.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to have activated your My Health Room profile for a healthcare professional to deposit a document there, it is possible as soon as it is opened automatically by the Health Insurance.

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