EU: end cap for petrol and diesel cars

The European Council of Ministers for the Environment will in principle ratify this Tuesday, 28 June, the ban on the sale of thermal engines in 2035, including hybrids. Except surprise at the last minute. In July 2021, the Commission had proposed this programmed death for petrol and diesel cars. The European Parliament approved this proposal on 8 June by 339 votes to 24, with 24 abstentions. Last year, however, the French government solemnly promised its support for rechargeable hybrids (thermal and electric motors), a specialty from Stellantis (formerly PSA) and, moreover, Renault after 2035. But Paris seems since “is in line with the Commission plans to eradicate non-electric models, ‘said a source familiar with the matter.

In Germany, the German coalition government, despite the position of (liberal) Finance Minister Christian Lindner, agreed in March last year to eradicate petrol and diesel cars, even though they were equipped with hybridization. Italy is, of course, reluctant to impose entirely electric cars in thirteen years. It even led the uprising with the support of Slovakia, a major manufacturer of thermal cars, especially Romania and Portugal. These countries wanted to postpone the target for five years. But it does not seem that this resistance is sufficient to bend the Franco-German duo as well as the countries of the north.

Impact on employment

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