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The current period is very complex for the automotive industry and distribution and professionals in the sector fear an even more explosive situation in the coming years due to the acceleration of the energy transition. At the start of the new five-year period, the topic of purchasing power is at the heart of the debates, and this issue is, of course, spilling over into the car sector. In France, the first crucial deadline concerns the establishment of ZFE-m on 1 January 2025 (45 cities will be affected), areas where Crit’Air 3, 4, 5 and unclassified vehicles will be banned from circulating. These cars represent 24.1%, 8.4%, 2% and 3.6% of the car fleet, respectively, ie. a share of 38.1% of the current fleet to be renewed in less than three years. The deadline is very short, the household budget is particularly limited, while the gap between purchasing power in France and the price of new cars in the catalog continues to grow over the months.

Mobilians remember that the average price of new vehicles had already increased by 16 points in constant euros from 2011 to 2020. The effort ratio, corresponding to the ratio between the average price and the median income, increased by 20% during the same period. In addition, the proportion of households buying new cars was almost halved between 2011 (4.7%) and 2020 (2.6%), with consumers in favor of purchasing used cars (3.6 registered for 1 NV in currently) and an extension of the period of detention of their car. “The new electric car is a luxury product and we risk seeing a decline in the middle class compared to buying these cars”raises Xavier Horent, Secretary General of the Mobilians.

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One third of the French do not have the means to devote themselves to the car

According to Mobilians, 36% of French people do not have the minimum budget to spend on cars, 25% can not spend more than € 3,990, while only 14% of our fellow citizens say they can invest 20,000 euros or more in a car. In addition, according to INSEE surveys, it seems that only 20 to 30% of the richest households spend a monthly budget of 150 euros on cars. In light of the ZFE-m in France in 2025 and the end of sales of thermobiles in Europe in 2035, Mobilians believes that “the need for support has never been as strong as it is now”.

Xavier Horent, Secretary General of the Mobilians.

The challenge is to avoid the return of roundabouts to France, that the ZFE-e does not result in the establishment of “forbidden cities” or house arrest, and to preserve freedom of movement in France and in Europe after 2025, Xavier Horent travels. The efforts of the national community have never been as important as in the first five-year period, it must be acknowledged. It was very expensive, but it is nothing compared to the financial efforts that need to be made over the next five years to finance access to mobility while helping the sector to make the energy transition. The surcharge will be high, but you have to be consistent with the positions that France takes at the technological level.. During his speech on 27 June on RMC and BFMTV, the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire warned about France’s debt level and announced that France had “reached the alert level for public finances”. “It’s all about redistributing resources and prioritizing. In terms of mobility, we are in a crisis situation “answers Marc Bruschet, president of Mobilians’ VP dealers. “Mobility issues are a big national issue, this topic should transcend all political currents because the car represents 81% of our trips”supports Xavier Horent.

Extend the current bonus until the end of 2022

The organization considers it to be “unthinkable in the current context” that the ecological bonus be lowered on 1 July 2022 and call for it to be maintained at the current level “at least until 31 December 2022”. He is also working for a redefinition of the methods to trigger the conversion premium relative to inflation. “Once the devices are based on common sense, they work and in a massive way. This was the case for the first conversion bonuses with almost a million bonuses awarded in the previous five-year period. Today, this device no longer works because it is too limited.”regrets Xavier Horent, who is above all in favor of stable and readable devices over time.

Mobilian's mobility buys electric car ZFE
The Chinese Dacia Spring is one of the few models that comes close to Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise of an electric car of € 100 a month.

Announced by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign, “social leasing”, or the promise of an electric car for € 100 / month, is still far from a reality. An estimated budget of 50 million euros would have been foreseen for a target of approx. 100,000 leased vehicles per year, or almost 500 euros per. vehicle. At present, only the Fiat 500, Dacia Spring (made in China) or electric Renault Twingo E-Tech are approaching this bar of 100 € / month in long-term rent (LLD) or rent with option to buy (LOA), with suggestions for 119 or 120 € / month. “We are off topic, none of the models performed with our financial partners fall to € 100, we are rather between € 150 and € 230”informs Mobilians, which also clarifies that a monthly rent of 100 € is above what 40% of the most modest households agree to pay. And press: “Electrified vehicles (BEV and PHEV) can not be enough to achieve the fixed goal? Of the government of a rent of 100 euros per month because they represent an insufficient volume (20% of the market for new vehicles over the first 5 months of 2022, ie 300,000 vehicles in a whole year) and a too high price ”.

Extended duration of LOA funding

The organization relaunches the track of a “200,000 file version” conversion bonus in its amount (up to € 5,000), “by bringing the gram weight ceiling to Crit’Air 1 (128 g.CO2 / km in WLTP) and modulated according to a tax revenue per unit of € 18,000 (5th decile included)”. Extending the duration of funding and lowering the funding base are two other options. “To reduce the duration of the financing, a government guarantee on residual values ​​seems to be the best solution, as it is fiscally neutral for the government in the near future. »ends Mobilians.

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