phones, duvet, glasses … 3 challenging elements

Careless investigators?

In Toulouse, Patrick Tejero covers the news for RTL. He thus reports on the development of the case, and his meetings with the police and the lawyers. This is an opportunity for him, in the program The Voices of Crime, to return to this story. He especially wonders about three elements of the investigation, starting with the famous duvet of the victim.

When police arrive at the scene to notice the victim’s disappearance, they actually discover a duvet in the washing machine. This sounds, for those who accuse Cédric Jubillar of murder, as an admission of guilt. Why does he have to wash a duvet in the middle of the night? However, this famous duvet no longer makes people talk, which questions Patrick Tejero:

I’m just asking the Attorney General and the two gendarmes there ‘But then, I imagine that when it was discovered that the duvet was from the washing machine, the gendarmes turned off the machine. Get some duvets. She was seized. It has been analyzed. What does it provide?‘. He only has an awkward silence in response before a gendarme takes the microphone. He explains that the duvet was not seized until two days later.

Cédric and Delphine Jubillar’s phone

These are important in the study. Patrick Tejero explains to us that Cédric’s phone was ” simply turned off“, The night his wife disappeared. That was not what the main suspect said. The latter said his phone was in airplane mode and that he was charging. But no, the experts are formal, the phone was off. ” Which is extraordinary because it only happened twice during this year 2020!“, Notes Patrick Tejero.

His phone also indicates that he only took 40 steps the night his wife disappeared. What pushes the prosecutor to question himself. Was he really looking for his wife, as he claims?

As for Delphine’s phone, which was never found (she would have gone with it), it lit up six times that night. ” Six triggers at 12:07, 12:09, 01:03, 01:33 and especially at 06:52, Patrick Tejero reveals. Why is 6:52 important? Because at that time – it says in the report – yes, Cédric Jubillar is with the gendarmes at his house to make the first observations. »

Delphine Jubillars glasses

Finally, another element presents problems: Delphine’s glasses. They were found in the house, but with a broken branch. ” It turns out that the gendarmes found the glasses near the couch where she slept, where she had watched television with her son, and the branch of the glasses on the kitchen table … which seemed inconsistent. So it was decided to assess his glasses“.

The result, revealed by the journalist, is without appeal: ” They ended up agreeing that there should be a strong pressure of sixteen kilos more, so that the branch in reality loosens and that the glass round breaks, the journalist sums up. And then what was immediately considered to be a very violent shock, a blow or a huge slap that would have been given to Delphine Jubillar to crack her glasses. “But Cédric Jubillar claims that his wife’s glasses had been broken for a long time. And this version is confirmed by several witnesses.

Cédric Jubillar is currently considered the ideal sinner. Many clues tend to indicate that he may have killed his wife. But right now, the body is still untraceable. Defendant’s attorneys did not succeed in getting him out of detention, despite several attempts. He will probably stay there until his trial.

Delphine’s family, for their part, is convinced of her husband’s guilt. They see no other possible explanations. As for her friends and colleagues, they do not imagine a happy conclusion. They do not imagine that Delphine could have deliberately gone to rebuild his life somewhere else, as certain hypotheses herald.

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