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Six publications will be on the program this week, one in France (with the penultimate novel from the first phase of the Haute République) and five in the United States.


Thursday, June 30:

The fall of the star (canon universe)

In this gripping sequel to Storm Rumbles, the light of the Jedi confronts its darkest moments.

Time and time again, the vicious raiders known as Nihil have tried to undo the Golden Age of the High Republic. Time and time again, the High Republic has emerged discouraged and tired but victorious thanks to its Jedi protectors – and there is no monument to their cause that is more impressive than the Stellar Beacon.

Like a jewel within the outer rim, the torch embodies the high republic at its height: a hive of culture and knowledge, a shining torch against the darkness of the unknown and a welcoming hand outstretched to the lands, distant parts of the galaxy. While survivors and refugees flee the Nihil attacks, the torch and its crew stand ready to gather and heal.

The Jedi Knights and Padawans of the Jedi Order stationed there finally have a chance to recover, both from the pain of their injuries but also from the loss of their loved ones. But the storm they thought was over is still raging; they just end up in his eye. Marchion Ro, the real mastermind behind Nihil, prepares his most daring attack with the aim of extinguishing the light from the Jedi.

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Tuesday, June 28:

Shadow of the Sith (canon universe)

Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian return in this important novel that takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The empire is no more. Nearly two decades after the Battle of Endor, the tattered remnants of Palpatine’s forces have fled to the ends of the galaxy. But for the heroes of the republic, danger and loss are always present companions, even in this new age of peace.

Jedi master Luke Skywalker is haunted by visions of the dark side, announcing an eerie secret that grows somewhere in the depths of space in a dead world called Exegol. The interruption in Force is undeniable … and Luke’s worst fears are confirmed when his old friend Lando Calrissian comes to him with information about a new Sith threat.

After his daughter was stolen from his arms, Lando searched the stars to find traces of his stolen child. But each new rumor ended in a dead end and shattered hope until he crossed paths with Ochi of Bestoon, a Sith killer whose mission was to capture a young girl.

Ochi’s true motives remain unclear to Luke and Lando. For on a landfill moon, a mysterious envoy from the Sith Eternal bequeathed a sacred weapon to the assassin, promising that it would provide him with answers to the questions that have haunted him since the fall of the empire. In return, he must complete one last mission: return to Exegol with the key to the glorious rebirth of Sith: the grandson of Darth Sidious himself: Rey.

While Ochi chases Rey and her parents to the edge of the galaxy, Luke and Lando rush into the mystery of Sith’s lingering shadow, helping a young family run for their lives.

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Wednesday, June 29:

Obi-Wan # 2/5 (canon universe)

The dark side of the moon
– Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan respond to an emergency call from an outpost on the edge of the galaxy.
– What is the secret behind the devastation that has hit this fearsome lunar base?
Will what threw her into the darkness remove a Padawan from her bright path?

And here are 5 preview pages you can click to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 29:

Darth Vader (2020) # 24 (canon universe)

– Someone went to Polis Massa. Someone heard Padmé’s last words. Someone knows Dad’s biggest secret. What will happen when Sith’s dark lord finds out?
Meanwhile, a colony of refugees from a particular sand planet is fighting under the yoke of an imperial governor. Will their connection to Father’s past be the key to their survival – or their death?
– And then: the shocking return of two of Anakin Skywalker’s oldest friends!

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Wednesday, June 29:

Doctor Aphra (2020) # 21 (canon universe)

Desperate measures!
– The eternal spark destroys everything it touches, and Aphra is no exception!
– Face to face with an old evil presence, Sana Starros will have to make a choice …
– Can she save Aphra? Can she save herself at all?

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Wednesday, June 29:

Han Solo & Chewbacca # 3 (canon universe)

I do not know how to get out of this!
– He is trapped on top of a skyscraper with security guards approaching him. How will he escape?
– Do you think … that he will ask the galactic empire for help?
– This question is directly related to the events of Crimson Reign. With Qi’ra and the librarian!
– Does he find his first love?

And here are 4 preview pages you can click to enlarge.

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