About forty enthusiasts exhibited their old cars in the streets of Perray-en-Yvelines

35 years ago, in 1987, Gilles had a visit. An acquaintance, an 80-year-old gentleman, informs him that he wants to fix things and make some space in his garage to repaint his shutters. “He tells me that if I go today, I can get what’s there, for free.”

Arriving at the site, Gilles, nicknamed Gillou, came across a 1969 Citroën DS 20 M in perfect condition from the outside.

“In fact, he knew I was a car enthusiast and mechanic in my spare time. Unfortunately, his car had a minor engine problem, nothing serious. He gave it to me and I fixed it. »

Gilles (collector)

On Sunday, June 26, Gilles exhibited his car in a street in the center of Perray-en-Yvelines, like about forty other enthusiasts, during the Retro Automobile Day organized by the municipality. Even years later, his car looks brand new and wins the hearts of hundreds of visitors who come to step back in time.

“One day I was offered € 50,000”

“I drive with it regularly,” continues Gilles, who does not fail to go to the circuits of Nevers (Nièvre) and Le Mans (Sarthe) with what he calls “the president’s car.”

In fact, Gilles is close to the model for Charles de Gaulle’s DS. “It was this car that enabled him to escape the Clamart attack in 1962. And yes! Hit by more than 100 bullets burst a tire, but the car is designed to be able to roll on three wheels. He was able to to continue his journey without being forced to stop and be shot at, ”develops the Yvelin enthusiast, very proud of his car.

“I think it’s worth € 30,000 at the moment, one day they offered me € 50,000 and I refused. Even for double that, I would have said no.”

Gilles (collector)

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Laurent owns a LAPD car.

In 2015, during a four-month trip to the United States with his partner and friends, Laurent purchased a retired U.S. police car. “I’ve always had a passion for law enforcement, so when I traveled to America, I asked to buy one of their cars.”

Le Perrotin goes to several sites for buying and reselling between individuals. “It was difficult because there were a few, but few in good condition. Until he fell over this almost like new 2007 Dodge from the LAPD.

»The scrapped cars are sold at auction. This one was bought by a mechanic. I bought it from him. »

Lawrence (empty)

Inside, everything is original. The grille that separates the driver and his passengers from the rear luggage rack is still there, the sirens are still ringing, and the flashing light is working. “I use it primarily on charity days. I give a trip to those who want it, for a few euros, which I donate to the police family associations, ”concludes Laurent.

White Floremi

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