7 great games for sale on Steam Deck that seem impossible on mobile

Steam Deck is slowly but surely coming home all over the world, and is also the top seller week after week in the Steam store. Valve’s console laptop has become a huge requirement to be able to enjoy the best games in portable format, optimized for its features and with great performance. Without going any further, Elden Ring, the best title to date in 2022, is fully functional and portable. No more to add, your honor.

For this reason, in the context of the Steam summer sale, we have decided to review the video games that we have been able to try and buy, which are adapted to the portable platform, which is perfectly optimized, and as you until today thought it would be impossible to enjoy it from the bed or while traveling. Steam Deck gave us the opportunity to try authentic AAA desktop games in a portable format. And for many it is something else. Take note.

Great games for sale on Steam Deck

Sekiro, one of From Software’s amazing games, is on sale at a 50% discount and works great on Steam Deck. The title in its default console settings moves between 45 and 50 frames per second, and can force it to 60 fps if we lower certain characteristics. The most problematic thing is that if a final boss drives you crazy, it’s not like throwing the controller to the ground.

dmc 5 steam bridge offer

Do you want to see and feel black magic in your hands? Try putting any Capcom game with RE Engine on a Steam Deck. Witchcraft. Devil May Cry V, one of the amazing action games of recent years and one of the best hack and slash we remember, costs less than 10 euros and it is in its version with DLC that allows us to play with Vergil. The 60 fps are not impossible – with some downsides – and a first-class visual section.

bidding platform for eternal doom

Another beast from the time that ends up being tamed and under the power of Steam Deck. DOOM Eternal is dirt cheap and it’s a pleasure to be able to play the laptop at 60 fps. We had no doubt about that, as we have seen it work very well on platforms like GPD Win 3, so here with the rear buttons and larger screen it is even better. It’s not like playing with a keyboard and mouse, we already know that.

zero dawn horizon bridge deals

The turn of events that this entails is worth studying. One of the amazing PS4 games that is impossible to enjoy on any other platform becomes a huge requirement for portable gaming without a console like this one from Sony involved. Horizon was a great game and is still on PC. PA averages 40 fps without touching the parameters – with some drops – and looks like a game for portable console that we had not imagined.

bridge offer narratives arise

The latest Tales of, certainly the best or one of them, is one of the essential ARPGs in the library of fans of the saga and genre. With a flashy and dynamic combat system full of possibilities, the new Bandai Namco title is designed from time to time for desktop platforms. But it is also adapted and designed for Deck, at 60 frames per second and retains an excellent visual finish.

games with rejected offers

We look back to remember Game of the Year on Netcost a little over a decade ago. A real beast of a game from Arkane Studios’ hand, which is at a ridiculous price: less than two euros for a game that is a master class in level design, and which works perfectly and with great detail in Steam Deck. It never hurts to have one of the great games of the last decade for the price of a cup of coffee … in handheld format.

supply of dead space

Want to try the remake of Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, the creators of the first title in the EA saga? Meanwhile, what less to remember, why Dead Space was an excellent game with an offer that leaves the price of less than five euros, and as with the other mentioned games, we had until today not considered that s could be enjoyed on a portable console. Verified as perfectly suited for Steam Deck, a title that holds up very well 13 years later.

If you want to know more about the offers on Steam by price, gender and others, remember that in this link you can see all the news that we publish about the summer sale of the Valve platform.

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