“Why the conquest of space?” with Fabrice Nicot

Why the conquest of space? by Fabrice Nicot and Elodie Perrotin, casteditions of Ricochet (to read from 12 years).

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Why the conquest of space? This documentary is chose to the 13th edition of the award The taste of science Youth, proposed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: “Every year, this award marks the best publications of scientific dissemination, intended for the largest number. The aim is to confirm the importance of scientific culture, but also to promote the work of researchers and to encourage vocations.”

It comes in an “adult” award and a “youth award”. This last category rewards a book intended for 9-13 year olds and will be awarded on June 28th.

Why the conquest of space? mention the many challenges of that conquest spatial. They are political, strategic, scientific, ecological, without forgetting that questions from tourism, much on that fashion at the moment.

Fabrice Nicot tells us what he thinks: “It’s strange because you would have asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said to you: but no, that’s not possible. And there, obviously, Jeff Bezos has had some success in offering people the opportunity to walk a hundred kilometers, this is where space begins. In particular, it is where we see the roundness of the earth and we float.

And for a few million dollars, you pamper yourself with a trip that lasts 15 minutes, but which pollutes significantly. It has nothing to do with science or humanity. It is actually not durable on a large scale. We can not imagine a kind of “Disneyland” where we would go like that … I do not know if it is not a little fad. We calm down when we realize that we may have other things to do in space. “

IN revenge, dream go still more long, dream of this big unknown what is space and discover others options of life long from system sun, why not?

“Let us dream a little, but let us dream sensibly.”

Fabrice Nicot

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“That is to say, the great event in astronomy in the last 30 years, add the author, it is the discovery of planets around suns other than ours. So that means there are lots of solar systems and therefore just as many worlds to explore.

James Arnould, ethics expert at CNES said that if you want a solar system, even the closest, it’s a big ship and 200 years of travel. Basically, the people who will leave Earth are not the people who will set foot on this distant planet. So there we can say: yes, there is, it is science fiction, etc., but it is not impossible! It will require enormous resources, it is a planetary collaboration, but we would know how to make a ship, such a kind of sheet that would disappear …

And when the builders of cathedrals, those who started Notre-Dame, after all never saw Notre-Dame finished, as it is roughly on this time scale, and want to conquer solar systems remotely, it would finally be restored with time for the builders of cathedrals. And then why not! “.

Fabrice Nicot is journalist scientific, avid by astronomy. A passion that he knows how to convey. So good luck with the Le Taste des Sciences jeunesse award, which will be returned on June 28th!

Fabrice Nicot (@franceinfo)

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