The 10 highest paid summer jobs in 2022

Are you looking for a summer job to save some money for your study or your vacation? Here’s the list of 10 jobs you can do this summer that offer the best pay, perfect jobs to save in two months!

It is sometimes difficult to find the right summer job. You actually need to have a job that allows you to have free time, to get out of a rather stressful year, while at the same time ensuring you an attractive salary to enjoy during the summer or the coming months. This challenge many students face every year. Fortunately, we are here to help!

How to find a good summer job?

To find your summer job that will give you a comfortable salary, do not hesitate to consult specialized sites such as Qapa, Adecco’s digital solution, Jobaviz, CIDJ, Student Pop or even platforms dedicated to in relation to seasonal workers and campsites or hotels .

Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to work on certain skills that will be useful in your professional life, starting with modern languages. You can actually choose a job as an au pair or as a tour operator in France or abroad.

However, if specialized sites can help you find the dream summer job, you can opt for a spontaneous application. This is generally a good way to get a seasonal job in companies or organizations that were not necessarily aware of their recruitment needs.

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Summer jobs: The sectors recruiting in 2022

As every year, in certain sectors there is a greater demand for seasonal workers or young people looking for summer jobs. As you can imagine, the tourist areas are crowded with customers and need reinforcement during the summer period. Thus, you will inevitably find what you are looking for as a facilitator or in other sectors such as catering, hotels or even campsites. In the latter, there is generally a good mood that will guarantee you an unforgettable summer.

However, we must not forget other sectors, which are largely in short supply of labor, starting with industry, which sometimes recruits temps for tasks of a few weeks or even mass distribution. Here, the excitement depends a lot on the geographical location of the companies. Supermarkets in the south of France are often taken over by tourists.

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The 10 summer jobs that provide the best pay in 2022

Qapa has analyzed the job offers published on its platform between May and June 2022. It is with great surprise that you will find that some unusual summer jobs that you do not necessarily think of provide good salaries.

Other professions, such as valet, bartender or waiter, do not necessarily provide very good remuneration, but you can still keep the good tips that your customers give you. In terms of the profession as an au pair girl or boy, it gives you the advantage of being accommodated and able to travel as you wish!

Rank Summer job Monthly gross salary
1 valet € 1,800 to € 3,500 * (1)
2 charge € 1,800 to € 3,000 (2)
3 Bartender € 1,800 to € 3,000 *
4 Serving € 1,650 to € 2,900 (1)
5 To cook € 1,800 to € 2,800
6 Host (s) on a yacht € 2,000 to € 2,500
7 beach attendant € 1,700 to € 2,400 (1)
8 car agent € 1,600 to € 2,130
9 Receptionist € 1,600 to € 2,000 *
10 Porter € 1,600 to € 2,000
11 grape pickers € 1,600 to € 2,000 *
12 Order selector € 1,600 to € 2,000 *
13 Lifeguard € 1,600 to € 2,000
14 animator € 1,600 to € 2,000
15 Au pair girl or boy € 1,600 to € 1,900

Salary with a star

is based on a workload that is often more than 35 hours per week. Those with one (1) include tips. Finally, the occupation showing one (2) means you might have to work at night!

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