Psychologists condemn “business with HPI diagnostics”

Since the release of the HPI series with Audrey Fleurot on TF1, the number of diagnoses has increased significantly. And make no mistake, it costs something. We take stock of what several psychologists are already referring to as “an HPI diagnostic company”.

A fashionable market because there is money to be made »

Whether they are called gifted, early children or people with high intellectual potential (HPI). At all times, there have been HPIs, that is why children or adults with higher than “normal” intellectual abilities. According to the WHO, it represents 2.3% of children aged 6 to 16 who go to school who are intellectually premature, ie. 200,000 children in France.

A feature highlighted by HPI series with Audrey Fleurot, broadcast since April 2021 on TF1. The success is there, since the second season, which ended just a few days ago, had an average audience of almost 10 million viewers. The series allowed popularize and standardize the concept of “person with high intellectual potential”. So far, this may seem ideal. Still this “Popularization” is, according to some psychologists, a double-edged sword.

“We can talk about a ‘diagnostic company’ when we see the prices: 98 euros for the first consultation, 410 euros for the IQ test, 98 euros for the report, 88 euros for a family counseling consultation …”, explains psychologist Emmanuelle Piquet in a interview with HuffPost and published on June 16th.

In fact, the only way to reliably detect an HPI person is make an assessment by a professional. Since the series sees demand increase, many psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists (etc.) have specialized in the subject. On Doctolib, 16% now offer IQ tests. All the while you do not hesitate to offer incredible prices.

“I went into it because I knew there was money to be made,” Michelle admits without taboo in a study by the newspaper L’Express.

HPI diagnostics: exorbitant prices

On average, it takes between 200 and 600 euros to complete the test with a private psychologist. And yet this is only the test. Some professionals have simply imagined whole structures about that. This is the case with Jeanne Siaud-Facchin, who founded the Cogito’z Centers in 2003, structures specializing in HPI.

They offer one three days of training for 690 euros in support of the gifted. HPI diagnostics, a high-potential scam? In Express, a former patient confides in any case to retaining a bad memory of it : very scattered appointments, and for the final interview a simple reading of the test results. In short, he did not really get his money’s worth according to him.

The web, or the scam fair

If the tests in “real” are at exorbitant and unjustified prices according to various testimonies, on the internet, the situation seems even darker. Charlatans or self-indulgent shrinks enjoy themselves.

Take effect, tests performed online are in no way considered valid diagnoses and “recognized”, alarms various psychologists. So you do not save anything with tests from so-called special trainers. online, less than 100 or 200 euros. Or with detection of high potential by telephone (more than 100 euros for 45 minutes) or an hour and a half of videos to “live your gift well” over 300 euros. In short, in terms of serious and qualitative IQ tests, the internet should be avoided because it is full of often misdiagnosed.

What you need to remember from all of this is that if you want to get yourself or your children diagnosed, it is important to approach someone you trust and find out about the real value of the proposed IQ test. For example, this test may be performed free of charge by a psychologist in National Education or be covered by health insurance if it is performed in a medical-psychopedagogical center.

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