League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions of professional players

news tips League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions of professional players

MSI games have been over for almost a month now and the competition has finally been able to resume for this second half of the year. While the ways of playing and the selected champions are still very different between professional and just ordinary League of Legends players, it is always good to observe which characters dominate the competition scene.

The return of professional competition after the completion of the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) was awaited this year with the excitement of League of Legends players. In fact, contrary to his habits, Riot games decided not to wait for the intermission between seasons to introduce a major gameplay change in their game, as update 12.10 absolutely polished every single champion in Summoner’s Rift. Such a modification inevitably entails its share of adjustments in the strategies hitherto implemented by professional players, and it is now time to discover what the future battles on the competition scene in the League of Legends will look like. During the update 12.11, three masters stood out in the professionals. We’ll show you which ones.


  • The strength of the Trinity
    • abekonge
    • Cleanser
    • Holy Syrian

The strength of the Trinity

In every competition phase, there are always champions who stand out, even who are in one way or another in absolutely every game.. To calculate what is called the “attendance rate” of a champion, we naturally take into account the number of times the latter has been played in a match, but also the number of times he has been ruled out by some team. In this way, it could happen that certain characters accumulated 100% spectator percentage, such as Kalista and Pantheon in the World Championships in 2017, which had been banned in absolutely all parts of the event.

In terms of the professional competition games that take place during the 12.11 update, three champions stood out with a particularly high attendance percentage:

Champion Presence picks Prohibition Gain rate
wukong 96.8% 46 46 59%
Lucian 95.8% 18 73 47%
Gwen 93.7% 25 64 50%

Those most attentive will have noticed that there have not been many changes since patch 12.10 and its supposed major changes in durability. Only Ahri, the nine-tailed midfielder, saw her popularity drop to 74% attendance. However, it is worth noting that champions exceeding 95% spectator percentage are systematically getting nervous by the Riot Games, which was soon to happen for Wukong. Also note that the trio has absolutely nothing to do with the characters that inflict the most damage in the game, further proof that these stats are not crucial to winning your games.


League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions of professional players

During this patch 12.11, it is therefore Wukong that wins the award for the most popular character on the professional stage. With his presence of 96.8%, he has accumulated as many bans as elections, to a victory rate of 59%. So the Monkey King obviously seems way too strong at the moment, despite his latest nerf.. Riot Games will therefore definitely have to take the surgical gloves and scalpel forward again to come and make changes to this champion who dominates both competitions and ranked matches at all levels from Platinum.


League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions of professional players

He is both the second character with the most presence and the one who appears to be the most feared of professional players with his 73 banquets in a single patch, Lucian easily wins the title as terror on the botlane of this season’s resumption. Fortunately, Riot Games has not taken long to find a solution since The ADC has already gotten nervous in the brand new patch 12.12 that was released recently. With his 51.75% of wins in classic games, it was clear that he deserved to be revised downward for the entire League of Legends community, both professionals and beginners.

Holy Syrian

League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions of professional players

If Gwen does not reach the symbolic threshold of 95% attendance, she will still collect 64 exiles alone. Already problematic in previous patches, Riot Games has certainly had a hard time solving the seamstress problem. It must be said that despite its certain popularity on the professional stage, she fights to exceed 46% victories in classic matches over Platinum. The developers are therefore facing a difficult case, as amputating it too hard can make it completely useless outside of high-level combat. Gwen players could therefore expect to see their character change a bit in terms of some of her spells, like a little overhaul of the gameplay, for example.

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