Is the Europe of the energy and car industry so determined to reduce CO2 emissions

Edition of 27/06/2022

Audrey De Amil new VO director for the Tressol-Chabrier group

Audrey De Amil joins the Tressol-Chabrier Group as Head of the Used Vehicles Department and a member of the Executive Committee.


Electric Méhari copies at Citroën Berrezai

Citroën dealers in Dinan, Saint-Malo, Granville and Bayeux are now marketing electric quadricycles similar to Méharis. And in 2023, they will offer 2CV replicas, still electric.


Philippe Noziere elected president of the association 40 million motorists

In June 2022, during the association’s general meeting 40 million motorists, which is held every year, Philippe Noziere is elected chairman of the Association 40 million motorists, succeeds Daniel Quero.


Jeff Mannering new CEO of Audi Australia

Effective August 1, 2022, Jeff Mannering will be appointed CEO of the Audi Australia brand, succeeding Paul Sansom.


The Legrand Group sets up its management team

The Legrand Group has two executive committees, one for its car business run by Franck Prunotto, the other for motorcycles, under the commercial leadership of David Pemartin, all of which are placed under the general management of Eric Legrand.


Death of Serge Valet, honorary president of the body department of the FNA

President of the FNA’s body department from 1996 to 2013, Serge Valet died Saturday morning, aged 74.


Italy wants to postpone the completion of the internal combustion engine by 5 years

(AFP) – Italy, supported by four other countries, proposes to postpone the end of sales of thermal motor vehicles in the EU to 2040, compared to 2035 in the Brussels proposal, which is currently being discussed by member states, according to a document seen. by AFP.


Lithium: Stellantis takes a stake in Vulcan and expands its partnership

(AFP) – Stellantis becomes the second shareholder in Vulcan Energy and extends the agreement to supply lithium from its future German mine until 2036, the two groups announced in a press release on Friday.


Electric cars: the dream of solar charging

(AFP) – Some start-ups, but also car giants, are starting to install solar panels on their new electric cars, promising a little extra autonomy, but not yet driving for sight.


France: Energy companies call for “immediate” restrictions on consumption

(Reuters) – The French must reduce their energy consumption, which will allow the country to regain leeway and face future peaks in consumption, write the leaders of Total, EDF and Engie in a column published in the Journal of Sunday.

Around the car

Category Analysis

Do we have to leave ACEA to be heard? The very political efforts of Carlos Tavares

The persistent turbulence that the negotiations on the ongoing major change in the car industry entail makes the collective effort in the industry even more difficult than usual. It is therefore tempting for producers who are disappointed with the successive defeat of their lobby in the face of political and environmental NGOs to go solo, and Carlos Tavares, directed by the former Volkswagen, has made this choice this week. Simply, where Volkswagen had played discretion, Stellantis is much more explicit and takes the risk of, rather awkwardly without a doubt, posing as a direct competitor to politics.


Should have been

It’s a young Brazilian, who you probably do not know I’m talking about today, but who still speaks to many of us …


After the vote in the European Parliament, the time has come to ask the right questions

The electric car debate is, as the past week has shown, more of a religious war than a real political battle over which car industry and which services we want to develop and which vehicles we want consumers to use. As the strategy led by politicians and the Commission is to put the sector up against the wall and force it to stick to a bet they have made for it, the time has come to ask operational questions that are no less political: how to we want to meet these specifications and / or how can you take this bet in our best interest?


America chooses the hybrid, Musk not representative

The pandemic has greatly favored teleworking worldwide. In the United States, the practice was already widespread in business when the features allow it. Since the end of the incarcerations in 2021, teleworking or acquisitions in hybrid mode have been very present in many companies. The election is not only offered to employees, it is also offered to new recruits, provided they have experience.


The difficulty of designing a car for low rent refers to the depth of the gap to be filled

The electric vehicle for 100 euros a month could very well remain an election formula that will only be effective for a few nurses working in rural or urban areas. Private offerings like those from Cetelem presented this week seek to overcome the shortcomings of public systems and are undeniably a step in the right direction. The fact is that the rents offered are very dependent on public support, and that even under these conditions they struggle to be competitive with the temporary solutions that households have designed and implemented for years. There is therefore still a long way to go to operationally resolve the issue that we intellectually manage to ask correctly today.


New builders without power, a charging problem?

The electric car unfolds, that is an indisputable fact. Governments have put some funds and, in Europe, many restrictions to put pressure on the market. The historic manufacturers unveil their product plans, investing massively in factories and partnerships. But for the new builders, investment is declining, the financial markets are getting tired and the difficulties are increasing. Will those who were to kill the historic builders themselves survive?


Min Benz

Today I invite you to meet Karl. A guy that I have to show green (or yellow) paw with to have the right to ride.


Renault: what will be left after the summer of a serious investigation into the “split project”?

Renault’s board had to examine very fundamental issues concerning Russia and the consequences of what has happened in terms of corporate strategy in emerging countries or the pace and forms of electrification of its reach. Instead, since February, it is only the famous “split project”. As the project goes from being very foggy, it becomes a little bit more sensible and precise, it becomes both more sound and less necessary.


Lancia returns to premium electric, but can the market expand indefinitely?

Lancia returns, relocated and reloaded. But electrification has a price because technology is not evolving as fast as expected, raw materials are becoming more and more expensive and infrastructure shifts risk limiting the electric car to a luxury item for longer. The good will of the manufacturers is therefore naturally oriented towards electric vehicles with a first-class positioning, following the path that Tesla has opened. But can the market expand to infinity?


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