duvet, phones, glasses … 3 elements that cause trouble

She disappeared into the night. Since December 15, 2020, Delphine Jubillar has given no sign of life and her body has not been found. However, one suspect was arrested and jailed: her husband, Cédric.

“Investigators would have proceeded in a negative way, by eliminating”, explains Patrick Tejero, who is following the investigation in Toulouse for RTL in The voices of the crime. Lovers, relatives, prowlers … All of these clues are first eliminated by investigators checking alibis, criminal records, and criminal cases. “And then, little by little, if there are no others, it can only be Cédric,” the journalist sums up.

For Cédric’s Advocate, Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary, there is no question of leaving his client – who continues to refuse – in prison. That is why he filed (in vain) several requests for release, claiming that no evidence presented by investigators and judges can be used to incriminate Cédric Jubillar. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these items that are causing problems.

1. A duvet in the washing machine

The first of the elements is the duvet in which Delphine slept. This is one of the pieces of evidence cited by the prosecutor during the press conference held shortly after the indictment against Cédric Jubillar: during the search of the gendarmes, this duvet was in the washing machine. To clean compromising stains?

Anyway, this element caught Patrick Tejero’s attention. “I’m simply asking the public prosecutor and the two gendarmes who are there. ‘ What does it give? ‘”Floating in space.

A police officer ends up taking the microphone and reveals that she was only seized two days later, which surprises Patrick Tejero. “If we find it unreasonable for a man who has lost his wife to wash the quilt in which she sleeps, we must seize it immediately! But what is paradoxical, and we will know it months later, this duvet, it is photographed on the couch the day after the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar.

2. Mysterious phones

Another mystery: Cédrics and Delphine’s phones. The first claims to have put his to recharge and in flight mode at night when his companion disappeared. “And it turns out that based on the expertise of this phone, Cédric’s phone was simply turned off, assures Patrick Tejero. Which is extraordinary because it only happened twice during this year 2020!

Not to mention that the pedometer on his phone indicates that he only took 40 steps the night Delphine disappeared. What question does the prosecutor ask: Was Cédric really looking for his wife? “With the gendarmes when he goes to turn on the property and in the home, it will take 380 steps so the searches are pretty sketchy“, Dominique Alzéari explained at her press conference.

Likewise, Delphine’s phone, which was never found – her husband says she went with it – went off six times during the night she disappeared. “Six triggers at 12:07, 12:09, 01:03, 01:33 and especially at 06:52., lists Patrick Tejero. Why is 6:52 important? Because at that time – the report says – Cédric Jubillar is with the gendarmes at his house to make the first observations.

So he may not be the one who triggered the phone at this point. But the manufacturer of the phone is formal: To be triggered, the phone required human action.

3. Broken glasses

One of the last elements of the investigation is Delphine Jubillar’s glasses. They were found with a broken branch in the house she shared with Cédric and their two children. “It turns out that the gendarmes found the glasses near the sofa where she slept, where she had seen television with her son and the branch of the telescope on the kitchen table … which seemed inconsistent. So it was decided to evaluate his glasses “, explains Patrick Tejero.

Results of these expert assessments handed over to the Directorate-General for Defense – “the cream of the crop” -: “They ended up agreeing that a strong pressure of sixteen kilos was needed for the branch to come off and the round to break the glass. , sums up the journalist.And therefore, what was immediately considered to be a very violent shock, a blow or a giant slap that would have been brought to Delphine Jubillar to crack her glasses.

Cédric, he assures us that these glasses had been broken for a long time. A version confirmed by several witnesses, Patrick Tejero assures.

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