“Buzz Lightyear” by Angus McLane: in space no one can hear you sigh …

First disappointment from Pixar in 5 years, Buzz Lyn starts well before getting lost in long action scenes unworthy of the studio that created Toy Story

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Buzz LynLight year in original version – is 26th feature films from Pixar Studios, and their first to be released in theaters since In front ofwhich was released just before the official outbreak of the pandemic: as it is a spin-off of Pixar’s most symbolic “franchise”, it is with some emotion that we are faced with a big screen to discover, according to the “meta” introductory card itself, “the movie that spawned the toy bought by Andy, the hero from Toy Story “And it’s with sadness that we left the room, an hour and forty – five later, disappointed with what is clearly the least good (worst?) Pixar page. Cars 3in 2017 …

buzz lightyear poster… Because, so much to recognize it, rare are moments below Buzz Lyn where we recognize the style so characteristic of the studio, this blend of “high concept” and human depth that no one in the field of animation, and especially not the Disney parent company, has yet managed to surpass, or even straight. Buzz Lyn is ultimately just a banal SF film with a “wise” scenario that plays – awkwardly, because the central narrative drive, which we will not reveal, does not resist the most elementary logic – on the paradoxes of Einstein’s relativity and the different timelines offer, an ultra-classic argument if there ever was one. Worse, it gets halfway through one of the American action movies that have been in vogue since the turn of the century, and which chains spectacular but unmotivated action scenes in spite of all logic. If in the awful Jurassic Worldthe dinosaurs followed each other endlessly to threaten heroes we knew were invincible, Pixar’s screenwriters hit us here with an uninterrupted stream of robots that never pose a real threat to Buzz and his friends: and that, frankly, is something we had not expected by Pixar!

The story that tells Buzz Lyn was nonetheless promising: Because he makes a pilot mistake when he takes off in disaster from an enemy planet, ranger Buzz Lightyear condemns the entire population of the huge spaceship for which he is responsible to remain forever on this famous planet. He will never stop trying to free himself and seek the technical solution to free the victims from the prison to which he sentenced them. And then, after about twenty minutes, comes a great moment of emotion, totally “Pixaresque”, reminiscent of the unforgettable introduction of up there (but also the drama about the hero from These disappearing daysthe cartoon of Timothy Slagteren), and which leads us to believe that this is what it’s won, Pixar still reigns … Before the film gets lost in this series of conventional action scenes where the director Angus McLaneof which it is the first feature film after his collaboration with Andrew Stanton to Finding Dorynot particularly shining of its originality.

Then of course there is the technical quality of the animation, a permanent touch of the studio’s work and the “fun little animal” that the youngest will fall in love with, the robot cat SOX. Chris Evans (while Pixar rarely uses well-known voice actors for its characters, except Toy Storyprecisely) does his work diligently, and the references to Toy Storywhich justifies the character of the toy and its universe – Zurg in particular – is impeccably controlled.

Maybe we again demand too much of Pixar, but the series of undeniable successes – even if they were sometimes in moles, such as. In front of – from the studio, uninterrupted since coconutgave us the opportunity to hope for something other than effective but furiously banal entertainment.

We now have to wait a year before the release of the project elementarywho promises to return to play on the field Vise versa and Drunk

Eric Debarnot

Lightyear (Buzz Lightyear)
Animated film from Pixar Studios
Directed by Angus MacLane
With the voices in VO by: Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi
Genre: Science fiction, action
Duration: 1h40
Cinema release date: June 22, 2022

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