Battle for positions in the assembly, new “epic” week in sight

Perch promised a woman, but the competition for the presidencies of the commission, the question …: from Tuesday opens at the Palais Bourbon a week with votes on the allocation of key positions in the institution, with the left and RN in ambush.

The next few days promise to be “epic”, according to a parliamentary source. While the Macronists lost the absolute majority a week ago, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will continue her exchanges with parliamentary groups in parallel to form an “action government” in “early July”, as Emmanuel Macron wanted.

– The presidency of the assembly on Tuesday

For the first time in France, a woman had to reach the perch, Yaël Braun-Pivet, who had been overseas minister for a month and left the government over the weekend. Still a newcomer to politics in 2017, the former president of the Assembly’s Law Commission, re-elected deputy for Yvelines, was on Wednesday invested by the president’s majority and was to succeed Richard Ferrand (LREM), a close friend of Emmanuel Macron defeated in the second round of parliamentary elections.

All deputies gathered in alphabetical order from kl. 15.00 for the first time in the semicircle, to launch the 16th Legislative Assembly, will vote during a secret ballot at the rostrum.

Also present is Annie Genevard (LR), former Vice President LR of the Assembly, the elected RN Sébastien Chenu, and there will certainly be a candidate from the left-wing union.

Fight for positions in the assembly, new week

If the absolute majority of the votes cast is not obtained in the first two rounds, then the relative majority is sufficient in the third round, which should guarantee the election of Mrs Braun-Pivet, subject to an accident.

This introductory session will be chaired by the Dean of Deputies, José Gonzalez (RN), 79 years old – a newly elected member, which had never happened before.

– Deadline for political groups Tuesday night

Before 18:00, the groups must submit their political statements to the chairman of the assembly, accompanied by the list of their members and related deputies. The political groups can, if necessary, declare themselves in opposition. The list will be published on Wednesday in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Fight for positions in the assembly, new week

Deadline is important because it will make it possible to determine how the balance of power is in the new assembly. The majority has 252 deputies, said the head of government on Thursday: there is therefore a lack of 37 elected to the absolute majority. The phones are heating up in moderate right and left, and the “pressure” is strong, a deputy testified.

At this stage we are moving towards 10 political groups in total, the record already reached in 2020: three majority groups (LREM renamed Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons), four on the left (LFI, PS, PCF, ecolo), LR and RN groups , and probably UTiles. This last group, which consists mainly of deputies from abroad, intends to be “independent” and rather in the “proposal opposition”.

– Wednesday, those in charge of the institution

New session on Wednesday at 15:00: will be appointed, possibly by ballot, if there is a majority of candidates, the members of the office of the National Assembly, a kind of board of directors of the institution.

Fight for positions in the assembly, new week

It is first and foremost the six vice-chairmen of the assembly who take turns chairing the meetings together with the chairman of the assembly. The three Quaestors, two from the majority, one from the opposition, are also appointed. Directly inspired by the Roman Quaestors, they hold the purse of the institution. Also at stake are twelve secretarial positions.

The bureau manages the function of the National Assembly and may also decide to waive the immunity of a deputy. It should reflect the composition of the assembly.

Following a psychodrama in 2017 about the opposition Quaestor, the majority revised the rules and established a points system according to the post to be occupied, with a view to distribution between the groups. Counts from Wednesday morning during a summit between their presidents.

– Thursday in committee, especially in the financial sector

Fight for positions in the assembly, new week

From 10.30 am, the battle will take place in the Assembly’s eight standing committees (laws, economic affairs, social affairs, etc.) on the election of their leadership. The LREM group is preparing for Monday with a series of internal votes, in particular on the strategic functions of the general budget rapporteurs. In particular, Jean-René Cazeneuve and Alexandre Holroyd are running for the state, Marc Ferracci and Stéphanie Rist for Sécu.

The focus will be on the Finance Committee, whose chairman will be a member of the opposition.

Traditionally, the majority does not take part in the vote on this commission, which allows the opposition to organize. Some macronists, however, reserve the right to choose between the RN and the left, which claim the post of president, with Jean-Philippe Tanguy, former deputy director of Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign, and Eric Coquerel (LFI) or Valérie Rabault (PS), respectively.

To avoid rupture in Nupes, the latter proposed a rotating presidency … to the left.

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