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Computer attacks have become commonplace in recent years. While homework has grown, equipment is necessarily less protected than that of the company. Internet users are thus the regular target of hackers and cybercriminals who by all means try to access their personal data via their mobile phone or computer. These days, even company security is under serious strain. And with the advent of more applications, software and other social networks, users are constantly faced with various malicious intrusions. Between the massive sending of advertising text messages, questionable links and fraudulent emails, we always have the impression of being spied on and constantly monitored.

In this regard, smartphones with the Android operating system seem particularly vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. Due to lack of attention or ignorance, we cannot see certain revealing signs and we often fall into the nets of these hackers. Here are some ways to find out if your cell phone has been tapped and how to protect your privacy.

The signs that prove your smartphone has been tapped

Excessive data consumption

If your cell phone is tapped, the attacker who tracks you transmits a wealth of information that they consider important from your device. This includes locations, passwords, emails, files and any other type of information, including in extreme cases call monitoring.

So be on the lookout: If for some time you have been receiving strange text messages with sequences of letters and numbers, you may be dealing with an amateur who has installed a spyware program to follow you. Normally, you are not supposed to detect them, but if the work is done poorly, the owner of the smartphone can intercept them.

NB : one of the radical methods to find out if you are being monitored is to carefully analyze your detailed phone bill. If you notice that your data usage has increased significantly since last time, then it is very likely that someone is using your line to transfer a data stream, but also to listen to you.

Calls to unknown numbers

phone calls

A phone call – Source: Q.

Also take the opportunity to check the details of incoming and outgoing calls in your bank statement. If you notice some unknown numbers that mean nothing to you, this should alert you. There are actually ways to “duplicate” your phone number and just use your service.

Unknown apps installed

phone apps

Applications installed on the phone – Source: Qs

Some software is used to spy on and capture information you enter on websites or apps, such as usernames and passwords. Fortunately, today it is almost impossible to hide an app on a mobile phone. But if you have many of them, some may go unnoticed. It is better to check your list of installed applications regularly and immediately delete the ones you do not recognize. If your mobile phone starts installing apps without your knowledge, then it may be remotely controlled by someone else.

Unusual battery discharge

Using spy apps, updating them, and sending reports throughout the day inevitably consumes a lot of energy. Especially since it works in the background, so secretly and without you being aware of it. So be on the lookout for fluctuations in your mobile phone’s battery charge.

If the battery level drops rapidly when the device was fully charged, something is amiss. Similarly, the temperature of the battery can be an important clue: If it suddenly starts to heat up when you are not even using your laptop and you are in a room in the shadow of the heat, you should ask yourself questions.

Noise during calls

talk on the phone

Speaking on the phone – Source: Q.

Call monitoring, even if it seems outdated, is a reality. There is also a clue that can guide you to find out if your smartphone is being tapped and if your conversations are being recorded: during your call, listen carefully to hear if there is background noise. If it looks like interference or even cross-country calls, it could be a faulty system that interferes with the transmission of the call. If you feel a really loud hum, it’s a reliable proof that you’re being tapped.
Good to know : To be safe, you can use a sound power amplifier to listen to the sounds that sometimes escape the ear. If the buzz is repeated and frequent, there is no room for doubt.

Use these secret codes to detect a possible intrusion on your smartphone

Another slightly more technical way to find out if your cell phone has been tapped is to use certain secret codes. Just call them as for a call and they will give you important indications. They work for both versions, Android and iPhone:

## 002 #: this code disables call forwarding and any redirection that scammers may have made with your phone number.

* # 62 #: this code will tell you which number calls are redirected to when your cell phone is turned off or out of range. A number for your business may be displayed, which is normal.

* # 21 #: this code is similar to the previous one, except that it shows you a screen describing the hijacking of specific services (voice, data …).

* # 06 # : this code allows you to know the IMEI number of your mobile to facilitate its location in case of theft.

NB : nevertheless, in case of doubt or suspicion of possible surveillance on your mobile phone, take certain security measures, such as updating the software on your mobile, identifying and uninstalling any app that you may have problems with.

You can even call your telephone company. If you are convinced that your phone has been tapped, your provider may perform a more technical check for external interference and possible microphones. Finally, if you really have concrete evidence of a privacy violation, you can also file a complaint with the police, who can find the culprit.

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