Frederique Constant commercial music with The Avener 2022

Watchmaker Frederique Constant unveils her new luxury watch, Highlife Chronograph Automatic, in collaboration with electro icon The Avener. The music in the ad is the title of the artist with the title “Panama”.

The new Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic watch

In the world of the Swiss luxury watch industry, Frederic Constant acts as a newborn. The factory created in 1988 is far from hundreds of years of existence of some major brands. However, the quality and authenticity of its luxury watches can perfectly compete with the biggest Swiss watchmakers. It is by offering high-end watches at an affordable price that Frederique Constant has built her fame. In fact, the brand’s goal from the start was to offer luxury watches to a much wider audience.

With this new marketing campaign, Frederique Constant presents her new collection “Wild life”. The latter incorporates the chronograph of two steel models and a two-tone watch in steel and plated pink gold. Three models for different styles: sporty, smart or urban. All focused on finesse, finesse of details and authenticity. L ‘Highlife Chronograph Automatic has an integrated and replaceable bracelet as well as a dial with an engraving that materializes a globe.

Frederique Constant 2022 ad

The Frederique Constant ad begins with a magnificent low-angle view of a city on the shores of the Mediterranean. We see a white convertible car driving quietly on a deserted street. Suddenly we discover the magnificent Highlife Chronograph Automatic watch on the driver’s wrist. The face of the man wearing the watch is then revealed. This is the French DJ The Avener. The man, charismatic, distinguished and with his smart look continues his path. He arrives in front of an elegant house of modern architecture and gets out of his vehicle. The artist enters the house and joins his recording studio. In front of his mixer, he makes room for his creativity.

At the same time, we discover a watchmaker who is also busy refining the details of a watch. Each of the two artists shows care, precision and concentration to reveal their art. That with musical composition for The Avener and watchmaking for the other man. Joint efforts make it possible to create the magnificent Highlife Chronograph Automatic X The Avener.

Who is Frederique Constant’s commercial model?

To unveil its new watch from its Highlif collection, the Frederique Constant manufacture has called on Aveneren. Combined by a shared passion for the beauty of art, designers of luxury watches realized that the precision of their art had something in common with musical creation.

The collaboration between Frederique Constant and The Avener is therefore to a large extent linked to a common passion. That with precision, the desire to share and the achievement of perfect harmony. A partnership that makes the new collection of the Swiss watchmaker shine with a thousand lights and draws there one of its most beautiful demonstrations of creativity.

What is the music in the Frederique Constant 2022 ad?

To promote its new Highlife Chronograph Automatic collection, the title of Aveneren justified “Panama” was chosen. The song is taken from the album “The Wanderings of the Avener” released in 2015.

Aveneren from his real name Tristan Casara is a young electro house DJ of French nationality. His artist name means “The King’s Groom”. The young Tristan discovered music at the age of 6 in front of a piano. He will then take lessons in classical music and jazz. The artist since his childhood is gripped by a passion for composition. He begins by composing his own songs. Subsequently, he picks up classic pieces to modernize them with more contemporary styles. The DJ draws his influence from electro pop, soul, folk, jazz styles with blues accents.

As a teenager, Tristan Casara became a DJ and toured at the nightclubs in Nice, where he made a name for himself. His single Fades lines opens the doors to fame. He became internationally known and even produced some artists such as Mylène Farmer.

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