33rd business breakfast at Espace Lucy

This Friday, June 24, Espace Lucy hosted the 33rd business breakfast hosted by the city of Montceau-les-Mines. It was an opportunity to highlight an area that houses several companies: L’Place, an interior design, furniture and lighting company, Abis agrume, which imports citrus fruits, a pet store that caters to both companies and individuals, In the basement, which offers wines and spirits or even Atelier de Fanny, the creator.

It was in front of many economic actors in the Montcellian area – business leaders, leaders of integration structures – that Marie-Claude Jarrot, surrounded by Gérard Gronfier, her 1st deputy, Guy Souvigny, her deputy in charge of finance, employment and many other elected members of the municipal council, moderated this 33rd meeting between entrepreneurs.

She also began her remarks on one circumstance: the 166th anniversary of the city of Montceau-les-Mines, June 24th.

Then she gave the floor to the bosses of the Lucy space companies. Thus, Carole, from the company L’Place, remembered that she arrived in December 2020 in this area. The company will offer nightly entertainment on July 8th.

Then it was the chief of Abis agrume who indicated that he had been present at these places since December last year. However, the company is well established in the mining area, since it was previously established in St. Vallier and has been for 19 years. The company offers citrus imported from Sicily, a family farm. The company works from November to March.

The animal facility has been established in Montceau-les-Mines for 15 years. It is a wholesaler that supplies to stores and veterinary practices. It also offers its products to individuals.

A la cave is a brand installed in the area since June 30, 2021. It offers wine and spirits.

Finally, Atelier de Fanny was established in November 2020. Next year, the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The designer offers his skills for e.g. to create bags or evening clutches.

Connect business areas

Marie-Claude Jarrot then spoke again to recall the need to create connections between the various commercial spaces and that it works with the city center.

“The parking lots are free and will remain so as long as the team is there,” she added.

And to continue: “People need to get used to coming, parking in one place and going to the other place. We need to make access easy. Here it is still necessary to improve things to make visible and usable a footpath. The municipality is considering a shuttle that serves these areas. »

The mayor continued his remarks on the development of the city: the building permit for the development of the former Loison wilderness has been submitted. “It will bring people in. Things are intensifying in terms of population arrival. You have to live well here,” comments Marie-Claude Jarrot.

Before returning to FNAC’s arrival in another commercial area: “FNAC did not come for philanthropy, but to do business. These are signs. Other signs will arrive in the city center. We are very careful about the balance between the city center and the zones. We agree, for example, not to install catering areas so that people go and eat in the city center and then can go there. “

Marie-Claude Jarrot returned to the need to consume locally and to the importance of the Cœur de ville program: “Coeur de ville has given us the opportunity to shine a light, to build a project (€ 800,000 for the Loison Wilderness) “.

The municipality has therefore stated that it has a point about vigilance and loyalty on the balance between the business areas.

Then the floor was given to the entrepreneurs present. Newcomers showed up, including a mechanic, a used car salesman and a seamstress.

This breakfast closed the season. They will now resume next September or October.


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