“We are witnessing the convergence of blockchain with gaming, VR, AR and AI”

It’s a first. The Metaverse Summit will be held in Paris from 16 to 17 July at Station F in collaboration with JDN. Its organizer explains what to expect.

JDN. Why did you want to create an event dedicated to the metaverse?

Yingzi Yuan is the organizer of the Metaverse Summit. © Metaverse Summit

Yingzi Yuan. Everyone is talking about the meta-verse today, but large companies in all sectors do not know what strategy to implement. The first purpose of this event is therefore to teach about brands. The second is to bring together all the players because the metaverse sector involves a combination of different technologies and specialties: blockchain, gaming, VR, AR, IA, tools related to the creator’s economy, etc. We are currently witnessing the convergence of these technologies . It is essential to bring the actors together to accelerate the collaboration and thus offer creative experiences to the general public. Our association Metaverse Alliance arranged this event so that these cross-sectoral conversations could take place. Metaverse Summit will be held at Station F on 16-17. July, just before Ethereum’s ETHcc5 conference scheduled for 19-22. July in Paris.

What will be the main themes of this first edition?

Four areas have been defined: social and digital identity, Web3 and decentralization, games and interactivity, and finally mixed reality and virtual worlds. We have also added conferences related to art, digital fashion, social influence and the legislative aspect. Tickets are purchased via an NFT ticket system. Once purchased, this NFT – created by artist ARKE – will also have other uses as it will provide exclusive access to certain events and networks with a network of experts and investors. The “Global Metaverse Startup Competition” will also be one of the other highlights of this event with more than 150 start-ups in the sector, which will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of investors.

Who will be the main guests and speakers?

Among the speakers, we are fortunate to have Sandy Carter from Unstoppable Domains or Sébastien Borget from The Sandbox, who are heavily involved in this ecosystem. Sandkassen is also one of our main sponsors. Representatives of major platforms will also be present, such as Roblox, Decentraland, Tik Tok, Epic Games, etc. It should be noted that metavers are not just virtual worlds. For example, we also want creators of blockchain gaming platforms who have sometimes evolved by integrating interoperable assets into their games, or who have adopted games to serve models. I am thinking, for example, of the very successful Asian project Project Seed.

What would be your advice for brands looking to develop a presence in these virtual universes?

For companies that want to accelerate their innovation processes in Web3, the best approach is to collaborate with start-ups in the sector. This may involve investing in or co-creating certain products or experiences with them. This is also the purpose of our start-up competition, which should make it possible to present these young shots to brands. Because in the metaverse sector today, it is impossible to find a company that can do everything. In fact, there are a wealth of ultra-specialized companies: blockchain infrastructure, 3D environment creation, community management, and so on.

How can you get the most out of this event?

The Metaverse Summit, of which JDN is a partner, will be the ideal place to meet all actors in the metaverse sector globally. Our participants actually have a very international profile that comes from Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc. Note that the event will be broadcast live on two meta-verses, namely Sandkassen and Decentraland. It has already been confirmed that we will host a next edition of the Metaverse Summit in Paris in 2023. We are also working on a possible Asian edition in the winter.

Yingzi Yuan is a gaming and blockchain specialist. She works as a strategist in Ubisoft’s innovation laboratory. Previously, she worked in the innovation department of Vivendi Entertainment Holding Group. She is the organizer of the Metaverse Summit.

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