“The opposition has a very strong responsibility”

14.00, 24 June 2022

Paul Midy is not a novice in the galaxy La République en Marche (LREM), as since 2019 he has been one of the right-wing arms of Stanislas Guerini, the party’s general delegate. The director general of LREM has just joined the Palais-Bourbon, which is the deputy for Essonne, after beating Cédric Villani (ex-LREM who has become Nupes). He is discovering parliamentary work, and with it the necessary negotiations between a relative majority and oppositions, determined to fill as much as possible.

In front of this unprecedented assembly, how will LREM organize itself to defend its and the government’s ideas?
We have, of course, heard the French message: they have given their confidence in the presidential election to Emmanuel Macron and his project. For the parliamentary elections, we had asked for an absolute majority to govern. Of course, they gave us a relative majority, but still a majority. This gives us a very strong responsibility, we should not take it as a limitation. We must bring to life this new democratic context in which the French men and women have placed ourselves. Of course, as a majority force, we have the strongest responsibility, but the oppositions also have a very strong responsibility. They wanted to enter the National Assembly, we must now lead the country forward with responsibility. The French did not vote for immobility.

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Emmanuel Macron referred to ” thirty of the deputies necessary for his camp to reach the threshold of 289 deputies necessary to constitute an absolute majority. Are you still looking for MPs, different left or right, who could join Together?
We have built our political method on overcoming divisions, by seeking talent where they are, without looking at whether they come from the left or the right, but rather whether they are competent and constructive. It’s a method that has made even more sense since Sunday’s results. There are still a number of different MPs, some may still be thinking. Things can change over time: We will be in an attitude of dialogue, listening, respect, at all times, for the next five years.

We move on step by step: first the assembly, then the party

Some are talking about an ultimatum issued by the head of state …
He laid out a method, it is not an ultimatum. He presents several modalities: firstly, there is the possibility of a coalition, of a government contract and also the modality of working text by text. And then there is also the possibility of systematic blocking, but I hope that will not be the choice the opposition makes. Emmanuel Macron suggested that the leaders of the various parliamentary groups, in openness to the French, should consider these options. They will be received and will discuss this with Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne in the coming days, and she will be in charge of these negotiations.

How will the future Renaissance party, ex-LREM, be organized? Do you want to bring about a renewal of its leaders, especially with the presence of Stanislas Guerini in government?
The logic is less institutional than political: it was Emmanuel Macron who had called for the creation of the Renaissance, the restoration of La République en Marche. Stéphane Séjourné is responsible for this work, and he meets the various party leaders daily. We move on step by step: first the assembly, then the party. We all the more need a stronger party in this context, with stronger local roots.

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What role do you want to play in this new organization?
I hope to be able to contribute to a position that is a little different from the one I held until now, which was an operational role as Director – General of La République en Marche. Now, as an alternate, I would like to contribute at the political level, I am at least available to help and participate in the progress of the Renaissance.

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