Sale of OLED TV: unheard of! The LG 55 C1 costs € 879, you have to go for it!

News good plan Sale of OLED TV: unheard of! The LG 55 C1 costs € 879, you have to go for it!

You no longer have an excuse for not having an OLED TV! We have been following the development in the price of the queen of advanced 4K TVs very closely since the release in 2021 and LG 55 C1 has never been so cheap. Truly, we swear to you that it is great to watch a TV of this quality and in 55 inches at such a low price, go for it before the stock runs out!

4K TV: LG 55 C1 for sale on Rue du Commerce at an unprecedented price

Published 1 year ago for 1600 €, The LG 55 C1 quickly established itself as one of the best 4K TVs in the world. Whether it’s for the video game or the cinema, it’s part of what’s best today. A normal price for an ultra-technical OLED TV.

During Black Friday, a lot of C1s were sold since the queen of LG TV dropped to € 999. No one could imagine seeing it even cheaper a few months later. And still.

While C2 has just come out at almost € 2,000 (for properties not too far from C1), we therefore need to make room to accommodate the replacement for C1. Balances allow various traders to sell at a loss to empty their stocks. And there, magically, Rue du Commerce completely breaks down, displaying the insane price of € 879 for an excellent 55-inch OLED. It is brittle.

No promotional code to enter, no complicated refund offer, nothing, just a gross discount to bring the C1 at an unprecedented price, historic for the high-end TV market. Hurry, it’s out of stock, and this jewel will not stay at this price long (we have warned you).

Buy LG 55 C1 for € 879 in Rue du Commerce

Features of the LG 55 C1, still one of the best OLED TVs on the market today

You might think that € 879 is still a pretty high amount. Absolutely, that’s right, but if you want the best today, it’s the absolute minimum. As a reminder, OLED technology is particularly prestigious, but very complicated to produce.

The principle of OLED is quite simple to summarize. Basically, OLED panels do not need to have a backlight panel, as each pixel emits its own light. We are talking about “self-emitting diode”. Specifically, this allows for a literally infinite level of contrast, as a black pixel is simply turned off.

In the small world of screens, OLED is a true revolution, and we assure you that an OLED TV stands out very clearly among other more standard 4K models.

The thing is, it’s so complex to produce large OLEDs that the only factory in the world that was able to accomplish this feat in 2021 belonged to LG (in 2022, Samsung entered the fray). LG therefore masters OLED panels like no other, and C1 is proof of that.

  • Thanks to its powerful processor, the C1 constantly analyzes the image projected on the screen to make it more beautiful. Full HD sources, for example, are particularly good “upscaled” in 4K.
  • C1 is also one of the best TVs on the market for video games for the PS5, Xbox Series and certainly even the next generation of consoles coming in several years. It has a 4K 120 Hz display and 4 HDMI 2.1 ports are available (including 1 eARC port to add a soundbar if you like). The TV recognizes immediately when a console turns on, turns on the source, and switches to game mode immediately.
  • It’s obviously one connected tv under LG’s ingenious WebOS, completely controlled by “Magic Remote”, this formidable remote, which is used a bit like a Wii controller, with a mouse cursor on the screen. With a single tap, you’re on Netflix 4K. Pleasure.

In short, you get the picture, C1 is a giant classic that is adored by both specialists and the general public, and everyone knows why. Seeing it at this price is madness, so do not waste another second.

Buy LG 55 C1 for € 879 in Rue du Commerce

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