‘Nobody says anything, the phones do not ring’: Has Macron lost the mojoen?

It still had to be absolute. Alas, when the House of Commons was filed, on Sunday night, by giving only the Macronia a very relative majority, the President of the Republic found himself beaten far from the plasticity that had hitherto enabled him to cope with crises. “I do not know who on the Élysée is still making phone calls”sighed a source of government this week, while a parliamentarian noted it “nobody says anything, the phones do not ring”.

For Emmanuel Macron, for whom everything seemed to succeed for a long time, the disappointment is serious. Especially since it has a personal resonance for the president, amazed at the defeat of two of his relatives: Christophe Castaner and Richard Ferrand, former PS, both pioneers and leaders of the 2016 Macron adventure.

“A huge disappointment”

The political disappearance of the President of the National Assembly and the head of the LREM group in the half cycle provoked “big disappointment” in most, “because there is no longer a real boss”, worries a deputy. Enough to make room for hiccups: By suggesting that compromises could be found with the National Rally, LREM MP Céline Calvez has created problems. “There is not a single second the thought of seeking appointments with RN”, had to correct government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire.

That the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister is political, that one does not have the feeling that it is technology that rules the country.

But the dissonances also reach the close guard of the President of the Republic: by calling for “the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister is political that we do not have the feeling that it is the technology that governs the country”the head of the modem, François Bayrou, attacked Élisabeth Borne frontally, a public outing he had formulated privately since the appointment of the head of government.

At the Élysée, there are also rumors about the future of the advisers surrounding the head of state, who are also presumed “not political enough”initially Secretary-General Alexis Kohler.

“State of Disorder”

Admittedly, Emmanuel Macron denied his prime minister’s resignation, a breath of fresh air. preliminary? About 57% of French people still want him to leave Matignon, according to a survey by Odoxa Le Figaro published Thursday, in association with the opposition, which, if allied, could cause it to fall for a no-confidence motion – a hypothesis seen with a good eye by some in the majority.

Too short, as if it bored him, without any feeling: it was a well-framed but icy intervention.

Emmanuel Macron’s televised speech Wednesday night did not reassure his camp. Considered too late by many pillars of the LREM, the eight-minute intervention was also seen as “just a little”according to a member of the majority, “too short, as if it bored him, without any feeling: it was a well-framed but icy intervention”.

By calling “building compromises” with its opponents, but urges them to “ clarify ” their positioning, Emmanuel Macron wanted to put the oppositions face to face with their responsibilities in the event of a blockade. But in the same Odoxa survey, 70% of French people think it’s him “bears responsibility for this political situation”.

Finding compromises will change him.

Worse: while 83% of respondents think so “weakened spring” of these choices, two-thirds are satisfied with the situation “which gives a real role to the National Assembly”.

“The French have said they no longer want Emmanuel Macron to rule alone. Finding compromises will change him, Mr Macron. “ finished LR Xavier Bertrand Thursday night on BFM-TV. To get out of the crisis with yellow vests in 2019, Emmanuel Macron had imagined the big debate.

This time, the exit doors seem narrow, especially because he seems more isolated than ever and often tired, his features hollowed out, after a first five-year period full of crises, and a start to another period that looks like a way to cross .. “There will be no state of mercy for Mr. Macron, we can even say that he begins a state of disgrace”, said the rebel Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Monday.

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