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Pierre & Patrimoine, the group of 14 agencies within the cooperative real estate network L’ADDRESS, has chosen the Onoff Business solution, which simplifies the management of mobile fleets for companies and organizations.

It allows companies to assign phone numbers in the cloud with just a few clicks and to manage all of these lines on a single management interface.

Since 2008, the l’Adresse Pierre & Patrimoine group has been assisting sellers, prospective buyers, landlords and tenants by offering real estate sales and rental ads. The agencies offer a complete service using know-how in real estate transactions, heritage technology, property hunting, support, monitoring, rental management and more.

This wide range of services requires that employees are well equipped, especially in terms of telecommunications. Exchanges are actually regular and often time consuming when dealing with real estate. Communication between agencies and owners, agencies and clients requires the use of an active professional line. These lines are provided by the company and are accompanied by professional telephones that allow employees to distinguish between their private and business communications. But for the sake of pragmatism, employees constantly use their personal line at the expense of their professional line, because managing two devices can sometimes be complicated.

The Onoff Business solution to facilitate the management of the mobile fleet in business

The Onoff Business solution was launched in 2019 and offers companies, organizations and agencies the ability to manage their mobile fleet via a simple management interface. No more multiple subscriptions with different telecom operators and no longer need to have two phones. The subject number is directly integrated into a secure application, installed on the employee’s personal telephone. He will then be able to communicate freely with his professional contacts via this solution by using only one phone.

Several points please the companies that subscribe to this solution, in particular: the ease of use and the intuition of the user interface, the flexibility and flexibility of the employees, the management of the lines, which can easily be redistributed in the event of departure, e.g.

The price and the environmental impact are also significant benefits. Thanks to Onoff Business, a company can actually save up to 60% on its mobile fleet. It is no longer necessary to buy a professional phone or subscribe to expensive phone subscriptions. A subscription to Onoff Business costs only € 9 per. month per. edition. Savings that allow you to invest in other needs and reduce expenses.

On the other hand, Onoff Business helps and raises awareness (thanks to its CO2 footprint comparator) for companies to reduce their CO2 footprint. In fact, for a company with 50 employees using smartphones of different brands, the CO2 footprint is 3600? KG versus 14KG with Onoff Business, the solution then allows this company to avoid emitting 3586 KG of greenhouse gases, ie. about 10 Paris-Madrid return trips, a significant asset in the current context.

We are pleased to have subscribed to the Onoff Business solution, which enables every employee in our many agencies to be able to simplify their professional and private communication using ON and OFF mode. » explains Olivier Harmand, Commercial Director at Address Pierre & PatrimoineThe simplicity, efficiency and price of the solution make Onoff Business a key player in business communication.

About the address – Pierre et Patrimoine

Our group of real estate agents within the cooperation network l’Adresse currently has 14 agencies. Mainly located in the Paris region: Marly le Roi and Louveciennes (78), Vitry sur Seine and Saint Maur (94), Montreuil, Romainville and Bagnolet (93), Paris, Evreux (27), Toulouse (31) and Marguerittes (30) )). In constant development, our group is planning other establishments in the coming years. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers by offering them the best support as well as tools and services to make the project a reality.

About Onoff Business

Onoff Business is a 100% dematerialized and innovative telephony service that is part of the group Onoff Telecom, a telecommunications operator licensed in 24 countries and providing numbers from 24 different countries. With its patented technologies, Onoff delivers a global mobile telephony service in the cloud, thus combining the simplicity of mobile applications and the reliability of traditional telecommunications. Founded by Taïg Khris, Onoff raised 20 million euros for worldwide broadcast.

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