How do you repair your car at a lower price?

With inflation and the lack of new cars in the dealerships, the French are under strong pressure to keep their car longer, car they need to maintain. The spare parts, the DIY “Or even” self parking ‘Can be solutions to repair at a lower cost.

The holidays are approaching and you still want to get out on the road with your vehicle? But are repairs needed? Do not panic. Before you go to the dealers to purchase parts – which are often missing at the moment – and pay for services that you could have performed yourself, we present here some more economical solutions for maintaining your car. .

Spare parts, cheap but not safe

Spare parts can be found in hundreds of car scrap yards scattered all over France and can be used to replace a rearview mirror, a headlight, a window … They are very often gold mines for people who need items to carry out repairs to their car. “ We have a large cluster of individuals who buy everything from tires to engines, it is very heterogeneous “, Testifies Aurélien Prisas, sales manager at Auto Système, a car wrecker located in Billy-Montigny (Pas-de-Calais). Here we find between 40 and 50,000 reference parts supported by a fleet of 3,000 vehicles “.

In recent years, this professional has noticed an increase in customers coming to find the parts they need. ” Especially in recent months, manufacturers have been less and less able to supply parts, especially French brands. We help a lot of Clio, 207, Citroën C3 … “Among the elements” those for the bodywork are going best at the moment because there is a lack of steel from the manufacturers. »

These parts are often available at prices that defy competitors, between 30 and 100 euros. But beware, when scrapping cars, it is never certain that you will find what you are looking for and that the purchased part will work properly over time. ” But we have a warranty system that goes from 3 to 6 months on engines, boxes and starters Aurélien reassures.

Renovated parts, more and more popular

Surely more reassuring, refurbished parts are also offered for sale and are a way to reduce the risk of road accidents if you replace your defective parts. They can be found especially on the Internet, and the platform, created in 2018, has made it a specialty, ” due to the lack of an online service dedicated to recycling, ”Explains Stéphane Brault-Scaillet, co-founder. ” There are parts of all brands, primarily bodywork, but it is linked to the current market. »

The items offered for sale come from professionals who specialize in dismantling vehicles. ” An expert studies all the parts that are specific to redistribution. For everything that is mechanical, for example, such as generators, starters, they undergo testing machines to make sure they are still working properly. »Reconditioned parts are guaranteed for 6 months.

In top sellers at the moment we find taillights, mirrors but also climate compressors, as well as body parts ” about 150-200 euros. Individuals will generally find parts 70% cheaper than in the new market assures Stéphane Brault-Scaillet.

And the recycled piece attracts as the platform knows up to ” 15% growth every month “with 80% of individuals, customers more looking for parts” just before and just after the holiday, in anticipation of departure or after a few hiccups at their resort. They will have these pieces installed by their entourage or professionals. »

That ” DIY »In the garage or as a tutorial, for do-it-yourself enthusiasts

Self-service garage »

If labor is removed, the repair can cost even less. For this, two solutions. The first, to go to a ” self parking », Or cooperative garage. Clear, ” I give everyone advice, I do not touch the vehicle and I take care of the tool, ”Explains Benjamin Vercamer, who opened Minou Custom, a workshop in Mauges-sur-Loire (Maine-et-Loire) for cars and motorcycles, in March last year. ” The principle is too little known in the region, but I receive many calls for information. »

Enthusiasts of old mechanics, professionals but also individuals can go to this workshop. “Je start getting people coming to change disks, pillows, it saves them from going through a pro. I also offer parts for sale. »

On the price side, you can hardly find better. ” It is 20 € per hour, 80 € for half a day, 140 € if needed for the whole day. I have people who, for example. takes an hour to pass the suitcase, it costs less instead of 50-60 € at a pro. »

Negative point on the other hand: no reliable and updated page shows the independent garages in activity in France. You can find them by searching in a search engine, on Google Maps or even the Facebook network, where many solidarity pages have appeared in recent years.

My key at 12 »

Automotive tutorial specialists can be found at Ma Clé de 12. With their thousands of videos in five languages ​​published on YouTube and available for consultation on an application, it is easier to manage on your own and perform your own repairs. ” We have made explanatory videos on 60 models, for each time the two best-selling engines, and we can find between 30 and 40 tutorials for each vehicle. ”Explains Théo Dumas, co-founder of Ma Clé de 12.

With two million views a month, their help is sure to be invaluable for maintenance or replacements within everyone’s reach. ” We try to respond to recurring problems: replacement of a C3 battery, bulbs, window motors, filters, etc. “So they surf” DIY “, Dear to more and more motorists since the health crisis. ” Coviden has boosted us, people have done more themselves, and that’s even more true today with the lack of new cars. People are trying to make their cars last longer. »

They are also trying to be more vigilant with regard to the budget, and the example of the cost of an overhaul is striking. ” To be complete and with the purchase of parts on the Internet, the bill can be reduced by 150 to 300 euros for 5 hours of work, ”Says Théo Dumas. ” People are happy to save and there is complacency and pride in doing it yourself. »

The solidarity garage, for the most disadvantaged

Unlike the co-operation garage, which caters to everyone, the solidarity garage is intended for people with low incomes. ” They come with proof from, for example, CAF or Pôle Emploi., ”Explains Sébastien Mouquet, mechanic employed by the association Garage solidaire du Douaisis for 6 years. ” After we made an estimate and they pay for repairs at a lower price that I am aware of. Here the services are similar to traditional workshops. ” We do everything like the clutch, the distribution, the change of engines and tires “at an hourly rate of € 25,” € 27 for the large clutch “.

Low-income pensioners can also get help from these solidarity workshops, as well as people with ” lost their jobs. We have had several since the covid period says Sébastien Mouquet. Recipients of social minima (RSA, ASS, AAH), young job seekers and part-time employees are also welcome. Everyone has to pay a contribution of 10 euros a year to ” get their car repaired as many times as they want “.

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