EcoRéseau Business – For Europe, Macron is at the beginning of its end

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Brussels, my beautiful, I will soon join you
As soon as Paris betrays me
And I feel like his love is gray, and so
She suspects me of being with you at night
I admit that is true
Every night in my head
It’s Veterans Day
Of a war still to be fought

Brussels, wait for me, I’m coming
Soon I will drive

These few words ofAlain Bashung is appropriate for Emmanuel Macron when he takes over the Belgian capital on Thursday 23 June – as if to heal the wound of his French disappointments. A European Council awaits, with its indispensable and often boring expected. If he no longer has a French majority, he stays a few more days until 1eh July, “President of the European Union”. Finally, more precisely, France is leading the Council of the European Union. A semester responsibility, very primarily honor responsibility. Less good for the history of the mediators, but that’s how it is. After Brussels, there is Madrid and the NATO summit. Then comes the G7 at Elmau Castle in Bavaria. Zelensky should invite himself via video conference to these various events. The habit is well established now. Some even think they know he could move to the G7 in personam.

For what results? Emmanuel Macron managed to get Russians and Ukrainians to agree, at least on one point. Challenge! The two peoples, through their respective televisions, are having fun with a new verb: ” Macronize. Its meaning? Speaking for nothing. Shows concern over a situation but does nothing. Not very flattering. We are well aware of this small presidential bias in France.

Floating, what will Macron’s second five-year term look like?

The TV speech he gave on Wednesday, June 22, was of the same style. Very wise, who knows how to extract the material marrow. Exactly, we thought we understood that an ultimatum had been put in the face of the opposition. Like: “I’m going abroad, but between now and my return it’s in your interest to agree!” “Bad choice. The next day, his ministers hurried to deny what he had actually said the day before. Distorted and draft message. Consequence of the departure of Clément Léonarduzzi, former pilot in presidential communications, now at Publicis? We should consider recalling it.

In the palaces of the republic, even the liquid these days seems to flow. How will it be this second five years by Emmanuel Macron? Some already imagine the president limiting himself to the role of super-foreign minister, a bit like Chirac in the end. Others are convinced that he will succeed in gathering the less fierce resistance – the one from the center to the left and the one from the center to the right – into his panache. To rule again, almost as before.

Britain is tough on Macron

And elsewhere in Europe? We look at the president’s defeat as a route. The Economista famous London weekly that sets the tone for global economic talks, seems very disappointed: “Will Emmanuel Macron be able to do anything in his second term?” Telegramemphasizes in turn the strange ambiguity of the French situation “Only a few weeks after his re-election, Emmanuel Macron is actually in office, but not necessarily in power.”

The Conservative daily newspaper continues to repeat the famous maxim: ” France is decidedly ungovernable. Emmanuel Macron meant to lie the proverb. It seems he did not succeed. These elections are a serious setback for the French president. If he has big ambitions to lead Europe, he must first demonstrate that he can lead France. ” That Times nominates, in turn, the sole winner of the ballot: Marine Le Pen. The “leader of the National Rally”, in their opinion, benefits from Macron’s mistake. The BBC, for its part, is calling for a “disciplined and weakened” president.

On the other side of the Rhine, we are amazed at the hexagonal tribulations

No majority? Nothing extraordinary in Germany, where with the exception of Konrad Adenauer, all the Chancellors had to deal with partner parties. In the land of compromise and pragmatic negotiations, French customs seem bizarre. Achieving almost 40% of the seats, seen from Germany, is already huge! The voting system is certainly not the same.

that Suddeutsche Zeitung final title: ” Lost. ” And in French in the text. The word “slap”, which is much quoted in France, is taken up cheerfully. stringent Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comically baptizes its leader: “In the land of the clearing movement. “And continues to itch:” The problem with current policies is not only the poverty of projects, but also the fact that degagism is not always unjustified. Bild, a popular daily newspaper and by far the most read publication in Germany, evokes “a lesson for Macron”. The Berlin sauce tabloid is upset over the pressure from Mélenchon, described as “hating Germany” (rumor that he pulls since Bismarck Herring). That said, too Corriere della Sera, the leader of the left is “a third world dreamer who is passionate about Latin America”. Hardly better!

Elsewhere and finally

pell-mellThe evening of Brussels’ titles “Nightmare at the Élysée”, and enjoys seeing France learn the art of compromising the Belgian way ! “. From Buenos Aires, Clarin do not in lace: “Macron has lost the game. » El País analysis: “The French are sending a signal to Macron: they want to impose limits on his power. “A defeat in the worldview.

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