Crown Sterling announces US patent grant for new cryptographic key compression method

NEWPORT BEACH, California, June 21, 2022 / CNW / – Crown Sterling Limited LLCa leader in personal data sovereignty and a provider of quantum-strength encryption and compression technologies, announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent 11,310,042 B2 (inventor: Robert Edward Grant) in connection with a development in data and information security – methods for storing and distributing large keys.

The main claim set forth in patent 11,310,042 B2 is a method of securely encrypting and decrypting data, wherein a function is processed to obtain a raw key which is an irrational cipher. An issuing computer device uses a starting point and a length to obtain an abbreviated key used for encryption. A receiving computer device identifies the function of a received identifier and uses the starting point and length of a mirror wrench to produce the decryption key.

Robert E. Grant, founder and CEO of Crown Sterling, said: “We are pleased with the speed with which this fundamental patent has been issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This is the first of many new patents related to our innovations in the field of for cryptography and compression.Crown Sterling’s blockchain is the world’s first layer-1 blockchain to implement disposable mask and quantum resistance encryption. “

Quantum computers, as the work of Peter Shors and others have shown, have computational resources beyond the capabilities we have today, making the security of traditional asymmetric encryption and their cryptographic algorithms obsolete. . The one-time mask is an information theory-based encryption method that does not rely on assumptions about an attacker’s computer resources (and therefore offers quantum resilience), unlike encryption protocols, conventional ones that rely on prime numbers and number theory. This new compression method for large keys enables a practical and scalable implementation of one-time mask encryption in combination with blockchain technology.

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Crown Sterling’s mission is to enable individuals to determine who owns their data, and to protect and control them at a time when large, mostly unregulated technology companies are monopolizing while vulnerable. . The help mark Crown Sovereign (CSOV) gives users access to the new suite of products, including quantum strength cryptography and non-fungible tokens, end-to-end encrypted messages and other future data compression technologies. Crown Sterlings Warp is a high-speed Layer 1 independent solution developed using Polkadot’s Substrate structure. With the CSOV token and ecosystem, users can encrypt their personal data, including geolocation and browser history, and convert that data into non-fungible tokens with the ability to monetize them on exchanges. Knowing that data is steadily finding its place among the world’s most valuable assets, Crown Sterling looks forward to setting the new benchmark for sovereignty of personal data. To learn more about Crown Sterling and the CSOV token, join the community at Telegram and Twitter.

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