Buzz Lightyear: From the iconic space ranger to his adorable pet robot, who are the heroes of the Pixar movie?

On Wednesday, June 22, you have an appointment with one of the most famous characters from the Disney-Pixar animation studios: Buzz Lightyear. Before we find him on screen, we present the shock team that accompanies him in this new movie!

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This summer, get ready to live an exciting intergalactic adventure with an important hero on the big screen: Buzz Lightyear hits theaters on June 22nd. Experience the incredible story of this talented, ambitious space ranger, known to spectators for inspiring the famous toy from the Toy Story saga.

In the new animated film from the Disney-Pixar studios, Buzz Lightyear and his crew are stranded on a hostile planet located 4.2 million light-years from Earth. Highly affected by this failure, the space ranger will try everything to succeed in bringing them home safely. To accomplish this mission he has given himself, he can count on the help of the young recruits from Zap Patrol Junior and on his adorable pet robot named Sox. The scary Zurg and his army of ruthless robots will nonetheless undermine their efforts …

Combining science fiction and action, Angus MacLane’s feature film reveals a beautiful gallery of new characters that the public will love. Before you meet them on screen, here’s everything you need to know about the heroes of the movie Buzz Lightyear. To infinity and beyond !

Buzz Lyn

Buzz Lightyear first appeared on screen in 1995 in Toy Story in the form of a character for children and now gives his name to this animated film in which he is the main hero. Angus MacLane’s idea: to stage THE feature film that inspired young Andy to covet this famous toy that bears the image of the astronaut!

A confident and extremely gifted space ranger, he nevertheless appears in a new light in this film, where he faces a colossal failure for the first time. “Buzz Lightyear has always been a determined, confident and heroic character, but this film gives us the opportunity to see a more vulnerable and human side of the character,” says Chris Evans, who gives him his voice in the original version.

In France, the actor François Civil was entrusted with the task of dubbing this emblematic character. However, Buzz Lightyear is not the only hero in this eventful adventure …

Alisha Hawthorne

If we’re used to always finding him with Woody, the famous leader of Andy’s toy gang, Buzz is here accompanied by his overbearing and very faithful friend, Alisha Hawthorne. While the space ranger searches in vain for a solution to return, Alisha prefers to take advantage of the time she has under the best possible conditions, even if it means she never returns to Earth!


Adorable pet alarm in sight! It’s hard not to fall in love with Sox, Buzz’s pet robot. If he risks stealing the show from the fans, his new sidekick will also be of great help to him thanks to his essential skills. Ready to meet the cutest cat in space, voiced by Michaël Gregorio in France?

Izzy Hawthorne

At the helm of Zap Patrol Junior, Izzy Hawthorne dreams of following in her grandmother Alisha’s footsteps by also becoming a space ranger worthy of her name. To achieve this, she will not stop at anything. The one who will be a big ally with Buzz will be stated by Lyna Khoudri in VF.

Zap Junior Patrol

The three of them, Izzy Hawthorne, Maurice ‘Mo’ Morrison and Darby Steel form Zap Patrol Junior, a team of volunteers who train to protect the colony that lives on the planet T’Kani Prime. If Buzz at first has a hard time trusting them, he will quickly realize that there is no greater strength than teamwork! In VF, it is Tomer Sisley who lends his voice to Mo and Chantal Ladesou to Darby.


What would a team of heroes be without a scary villain to fight against? Already known by viewers in minifigure form in Toy Story 2, Zurg is ready to wreak havoc with his army of vicious robots on T’Kani Prime. What are the intentions of Buzz’s sworn enemy? Will the famous space ranger and his allies succeed in defeating him?

Answer from June 22 in the cinema at the animated film event from the Disney-Pixar studio: Buzz Lightyear!

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