A large collection of used mobile phones organized in Limoges until July 14th

Are your old cell phones cluttered in your drawers? It’s time to get rid of it! Until 14 July, the City of Limoges, together with the recycling specialist Ecosystem, is organizing a large solidarity collection of telephones.

To participate, simply go to one of the fourteen collection points available (below) to put your old laptops in the cardboard box designed for this purpose.

But before we move on to the usefulness of this collection, let’s dwell on the fate reserved for your ex-mobile. If you are worried about handing over your old phone, a personal item that contains precious memories from your life, here are some guarantees on how it will be handled by Ecosystem.

Treatment at Ecosystem, a non-profit company approved by the government. All the phones collected are sent to a French partner company, which respects the “recycling charter for the repair of mobile phones”. Like Les Ateliers du Bocage, a specialized collective interest group that is a member of Emmaüs France. The collected phones are intended for reuse or reuse.

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2. If the phone is reused, Ecosystem guarantees that your personal data will be deleted. In particular, if your laptop can be reused, the “recycling charter” ensures that the phones are emptied of all the personal data they contain, “in the strictest respect of confidentiality thanks to certified deletion software”.

If the phone cannot be repaired, Ecosystem guarantees that the materials will be recycled. If your phone no longer works at all, send it to a specialist recycling company. The battery is systematically removed and handed over to an approved eco-organization, which is responsible for its pollution and recycling. Each phone is then crushed to separate the different materials. Ecosystem works in partnership with engineers from the Urban Mines Chair of Paris Tech, industrialists and experts to improve the environmental balance of metal recycling.

4. Promote the circular economy. Ecosystem develops solutions that enable manufacturers to reintroduce recycled metals into their production chain.

For France’s victims 87

Specifically in Limoges, the goal of the Ecosystem collection is to reach at least 1,000 repairable phones. These will be repackaged and donated to the association France Victimes 87.

“Every year, many women who are victims of violence are helped and supported by this association. The mobile phone remains a bulwark against isolation, ”explains Donatien Drilhon to the national management of Ecosystem. The mobile phone has become the No. 1 digital device in France, considered to be an important device for social ties.

For three years, many municipalities have been involved in the operation (three hundred this year). The 2021 record is held by Brest, with the collection of 699 telephones at a collection point. “I have no doubt that Limougeauds will be able to mobilize because they are committed to protecting the environment and supporting the most vulnerable people,” stresses Mayor Émile Roger Lombertie. In fact, every gesture counts for the good cause.

A first in Limoges, branded “City by Bike”. If the national operation of the solidarity collection of mobile phones has existed for three years, it is the first time that the city of Limoges is affiliated with the collection. Donatien Drilhon, National Director of Ecosystem, wanted the porcelain city to participate. “Our idea is to sign up for the Tour de France event to promote cycling practice and raise awareness of environmental conservation, an approach that is close to our hearts at Ecosystem. We wanted to join the city of Limoges, marked” City by Bike of the Tour de France “because it encourages cycling on a daily basis. In each city, part of the collection is donated to an association.

In a few numbers (source: Ecosystem)

95% of French people have a mobile phone (smartphones for 81% of them). 79% of French people keep their old phones : between 54 and 113 million laptops “sleep” in French homes. 70 different materials make up a smartphone. Its average lifespan is three years.

170 kg : If 100 people bring back their mobile phone, they avoid extraction of 170 kg of raw materials through recycling and recycling of materials.

35,000 telephones were collected in 2021 with the national operation of the Ecosystem (15,000 in 2020, launch year).

Fourteen collection points in Limoges

Small cardboard boxes are available inside the buildings until July 14th. The town hall – 1, Jacques-Chirac square.
Home candles – 64, avenue Georges-Dumas.
BFM in the center – 2, place Aimé Césaire.
Limoges South Romanet – 48, rue Bernart de Ventadour. Bel-Air-Baudin – 39, bis rue de la Conque.
Landouge – 3, rue du Mas Bilier.
West Limoges-La Borie-Vanteaux – 149, rue Francois Perrin.
Les Ponts-Le Sablard – 21, avenue du Maréchal de Lattre-de-Tassigny.
Limoges Grand Center 19th place of the Republic. East Limoges-Le Vigenal-La Bastide – rue Edouard Detail.
Limoges North Beaubreuil – 4, gyde Fabre d’Eglantine. Beaune les Mines – 154, avenue Georges Guingouin.
Aurence-Roussillon Valley – 1, rue Marcel-Madoumier. Beaublanc Sports Park – 23, Boulevard de Beaublanc.

All year. In parallel with the large collection, Ecosystem gives everyone the opportunity to deliver one or more laptops in mailboxes and post offices, in an envelope, with a label available on the website www.jedonnemontelephone.fr.

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