Will Wonder Man be a Captain America bis for MCU?

wonder manthis is the new MCU series on Disney + about a little known character from Marvel but potential new Captain America.

The pace of the Marvel series is not slowing down, in just two years we have had six series on Disney +, which we have ranked from worst to best. While we hardly want to have digested the very fun Miss Marvel, She-Hulk: Lawyer arrives as early as August. This gallery of second-class characters in the eyes of the neophytes will still grow with a new series planned about the superhero Wonder Man.

From this Marvel project, we know it’s the director of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, Destin Daniel Cretton, who will be executive producer. As lead screenwriter by wonder manwe find Andrew Guest, who has already put his legs in the MCU by having produced Hawkeye. His resume can give an idea of ​​the possible tone of the series since he wrote about Brooklyn 99 and Community. However, we do not know who will take on the role of the hero, knowing that Nathan Fillion kept him in a scene deleted from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Although the character has been in comics since the sixties, he is far from having the rating of a Spider-Manlike most of the new faces in MCU in the Disney + series.

He’s a good guy

super man

Simon William aka Wonder Man is an oldtimer, appeared in 1964 in Avengers # 9 from the imagination of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. While accused of embezzlement against Stark Industries, he is recruited by Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl in MCU), Skurge (Karl Urban in Thor: Ragnarok) and Enchantress for make him a superman in their service. Bombarded with ion beams becomes Williams Wonder Man, a man so strong that he almost alone defeats all the Avengers, Thor knocks himself out. But from his first appearance, Wonder Man dies to better resurrect thanks to voodoo magic in Avengers # 151 in 1976.

Wonder Man: photo, Wonder Man“Ready for the messy life as a Marvel hero?”

Recruited by the Iron Man band, Simon Williams starts a great career as a superhero at Avengers, then the West Coast Avengers on their first adventure. Alongside his life as a security guard, he becomes a famous stunt actor (it was on a movie poster that he was to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). After Civil war from 2006-2007 – the event that brought together Marvel’s heroes – Wonder Man will summon the Avengers to disband, blaming them for the recent world catastrophes. IN New Avengers Annual # 1 in 2011 he will follow up on his threats by attacking the Avengers Mansion with his team, the Revengers. One on one, he wants KO Captain Marvel.

It must be said that Simon Williams is one of the most powerful Avengers and the second best Avengers, Iron Man says it. Wonder Man is charged with ionic energy, which gives him strength that surpasses many superheroes, as well as super speed and the ability to fly. If that were not enough, he is also bulletproof and able to manipulate the ionic energy within him, giving him more abilities that are limited by the authors’ imagination. Finally, his mind was copied to create Vision, making them in a way twin brothers. Simon Williams, who has feelings for Wanda / Scarlett Witch, will create the same feelings in Vision.

Wonder Man: photo, Wonder ManAlways work with your entries

Captain America version 2.0

Simon Williams is nothing like Steve Rogers in terms of abilities, him who is more of a Superman than a super soldier with a shield. Wonder Man, however, has a similar mindset as the first Avengers. Like the veteran, he will fight for fair causes, be ready to give his life for those he supports. From his first appearance, this trait is present in Williams as he, forced by Zemo to face the Avengers, reconsiders his actions and decides to sacrifice himself instead of playing the villain’s game. And his death will be permanent until the comics apply their golden rule: no one dies forever.

Wonder Man: photo, Wonder ManHer very eighties costume, we want it

The resurrection is Williams’ daily life, and the latter also has redemption and the question at heart. For it is also to redeem himself for his past crimes that he helped the Avengers at the expense of his life. This introspective interrogation, he will also do so by meditating in his place as superhero and actor, question the image he wants and should give to the public. But it is also on a more global scale that his questions go as he will get involved in Iron Man’s camp during Civil war, goes so far as to become a coach for new heroes. Ultimately, he will recognize his bad choiceshis determination goes so far as to oppose him against the Avengers.

If he is not as perfect and unchanging as Captain America, it is precisely through his many reflections on himself and the place of superheroes in society that he has the potential of Steve Rogers. His maturity and his view of the world in the background a hero rooted in Marvel’s political themes, like Captain America. And like the former soldier, Wonder Man feels most like himself in a group. Superheroes are his family, Vin Diesel far in Fast and furious.

Wonder Man: pictureWonder Man and his comrades

revenge the next generation?

Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era for MCU, several superheroes packed their suitcases such as Captain America, destined for some like Iron Man and Black Widow. If Thor continues to juggle the hammer in his fourth film, nothing says it will continue then, while Hawkeye and Hulk already have their successors in the series. Take effect, a list of new, lesser known superheroes arrives with a bang since last year at Disney +, to give a facelift to the already aging MCU, and wonder man probably falls within this perspective.

Wonder Man: photo, Wonder ManUnfortunately, we will not see Wonder Man knock out all Avengers

It was even the heart of the story The Falcon and the Winter Soldier who was looking for Captain America’s heir, Sam Wilson / Falcon, who eventually picked up the shield. the same to me Hawkeye who introduced Kate Bishop, new archer of MCU, in addition to bringing Yelena Belova back as a replacement for Black Widow. Miss Marvel is closely related to Captain Marvel, who is almost an altar of the heroine. Whereas hun hulk is a doorway for Jennifer Walters and an exit for her cousin Bruce Banner. For the place of Iron Man we have Armored War with War Machine, a character present since Iron Man, as well as iron heartand introduces Riri Williams, who will also connect with the Black Panther at her origins.

Each Avengers seat is re-occupied or ready to be replaced, but that plan does not appear to apply to all MCU projects on the streaming platform. Take effect, Knights of the Moon takes the still empty fantasy urban vigilante castlewhile he should be joined by Blade and his series. Wanda Vision and Loki be on their side extensions of the films that establish connections between multiple projects. Series only Echo remains a mystery, the character is most forgettable.

Ironheart: PictureThe new Tony Stark?

wonder man will he be part of the idea of ​​replacing a departing hero, or on the contrary opening new doors and enriching the characters? By knowing that in the comics, his life changed after meeting Zemoa villain who could return in the recently teased film Thunderbolts, a Marvel Suicide Squad of which he is a part. Not to mention that Simon Williams is Vision’s brother, and with the birth of White Vision at the end of Wanda Visionmaybe he will have a role to play in the future of Android.

If Wonder Man’s place is with the new guard, he can come in Secret invasion where Samuel L. Jackson takes over Nick Fury’s eye patch. He who had already been the cement between the Avengers at the start of the MCU could retain this role, indicating Marvel’s desire to do these novices, the great superheroes of the future in his cinematic universe.

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