understand all about Sony’s new subscription video game offerings

'Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Death Stranding' and 'Red Dead Redemption II' are among the video games offered with the PlayStation Plus 'Extra' subscription.

One month after Asia and ten days after America, Sony is launching its new PlayStation Plus subscription offer on June 23 in Europe, which provides unlimited access to hundreds of games.

Until now, PlayStation Now was a simple platform that connects users with each other to allow them to play together online. PlayStation Plus offers a completely redesigned version. For a few euros more each month, the 48 million subscribers of the redesigned service will now be able to have a large catalog of games available at no extra cost for download.

This change opens a new front with Microsoft, its major rival in the console market. Game Pass, the name of the US company’s subscription video game service, has actually become one of its spearheads. The US manufacturer is demanding 25 million subscribers for a service that until then had no serious rival.

Three subscriptions to Sony’s service

New name, but also new look for PlayStation Plus.

To fully understand the contours of the new PlayStation Plus, here are the three offered subscriptions:

  • L ‘elementary offer already exists and costs (still) 9 euros. Nothing changes except the name, which becomes PlayStation Plus “Essential”. It allows users to connect to other players online – just like Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Live Gold from competing consoles. The free download of two or three latest games a month as well as free access to some amazing PlayStation 4 classics (PlayStation Plus Collection) is maintained. Like the ability to store your saved data online and get discounts at the console’s digital store.
  • For 15 euros, theintermediate offer (PlayStation Plus “Extras”) includes the services of the previous subscription as well as free access to an extensive library. It is aimed at players who want to buy fewer games individually or to multiply their experiences. At the moment, Sony has not yet provided the complete list of the catalog of its library of games available in Europe, but has said that they plan to supply 400. The headlines are exclusive to the publisher, such as. god of war, The ghost of Tsushima Where Marvel’s Spider-Man. There are also blockbusters from third-party publishers like Rockstar Games (Red Dead Redemption II) or Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla), a host of PlayStation 4 classics or nuggets of independent gaming.
  • The offer top of the line to 17 euros is primarily aimed at nostalgics. This “Premium” PlayStation Plus combines the services of the two previous series, while adding more than 350 games from old Sony consoles that can only be played in streaming. Those from PSP or PlayStation 1 and 2 will be available in “optimized” versions. Those of PlayStation 3 will be presented as they were when they were released. Another notable new feature: this subscription allows users to try out video games that have just been released for a limited time, to decide whether they want to buy or not.

Four differences with Microsoft’s Game Pass

Sony and Microsoft subscriptions are not equivalent. It is therefore impossible to compare them closely. Here are four points to see more clearly and understand what sets them apart:

  • On what media are they available? Sony’s offerings can only be played on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. While Microsoft is for owners of Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but also for gamers with a PC running Windows 10 or 11, or even a simple smartphone, as the publisher’s catalog is available in the cloud.
  • How much does it cost ? On the one hand, we have Playstation Plus, a service divided into three different ranges, the price of which is 9, 15 or 17 euros per month. The more you pay, the more you have access to a large catalog and additional services. Microsoft’s service is divided into two ranges, the price of which ranges from 10 to 14 euros. The user who pays the cheapest subscription must choose between accessing the PC or Xbox catalog, as the two are largely identical. Paying more gives him access to both. Note that both Sony and Microsoft offer discounts by choosing an annual subscription.
  • Who has the largest catalog? Impossible to decide as the offers are not equivalent. That for Sony is variable geometry: it goes from 2 to 800 games depending on the type of subscription. Sony’s PlayStation Plus “Extra” is the one competing with Microsoft’s Game Pass: both offer around 400 newer games, and this catalog changes every month.
  • Can we play new games? Sony’s and Microsoft’s strategy varies on this specific point. To attract customers, Microsoft with its Game Pass relies on the instant integration of its exclusive games from the day of their release. On the contrary, Sony will always focus on device sales for its most enticing exclusive products when they are released. PlayStation Plus does not include the latest blockbusters from its studios, such as Gran Turismo 7 Where Horizon forbidden west. The next God of War: Ragnarok was also not advertised on the service. However, the company does not close the door on more modest titles: the stray des Montpelliérains by Blue Twelve Studio will be on Playstation Plus as soon as it goes on sale on July 19th.

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