This one-year-old baby was alone in a car in the heat, that’s the drama!

Despite the communication campaigns, this kind of drama still happens all too often … On Monday, June 20, a little boy of almost a year was found inactive in a vehicle. The baby was alone in his car seat. for several hours” under the sun. The Saint-Nazaire prosecutor has launched an investigation into this tragic case …

Baby found dead and alone in car

It’s a tragedy we would rather not have told you about. But again, our role is to prevent and educate as many people as possible. The story is about a 12-month-old baby who sadly died on Monday, June 20 in Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, according to AFP. His parents left him in the car for several hours. The temperatures were quite high as they were around 28 degrees.

Unconscious in his car seat

Alas, the firefighters did what they could, but they were unable to revive the baby. The referee is talking about a ” an absolute tragedy and initiated an investigation. The parents were interviewed according to reporters from Figaro. The child’s death occurred in the Saint-Nazaire region. Have the parents forgotten their child? For what reasons? The gendarmes in charge of the investigation will try to find the answers to these questions.

Never leave your baby alone in the car: he suffers from hyperthermia

In any case, never leave a baby alone in a car parked outside. And even though it’s cooler. In fact, the baby’s body temperature can rise very quickly and become suffocating. According to research conducted by the US Federal Highway Safety Agency, the temperature of a car outside can rise by one degree per minute. In other words, if the temperature outside is 20 ° C, the temperature inside the car can reach 35 ° C after 15 minutes.

So imagine the heat in the car where the baby was … In addition, you need to know that the darker the color of your car, the more it absorbs the heat.

What are the risks to a child trapped in a vehicle?

First of all, we do not leave a baby or a child alone in a car, even though he is in Morpheus’ arms. When he wakes up, he may be scared, start crying and get a good dose of stress. In addition, the risk of kidnapping is present. Finally, from a medical point of view, it is very dangerous. When the thermometer shoots up, the baby starts sweating and he becomes dehydrated. It has far fewer reserves than adults. In less than 15 minutes he can fall victim to hyperthermia or a ” heat stroke “.

How to spot hyperthermia?

If your baby or child is suffering from hyperthermia, you should observe the following signs:

  • Your baby has a fever and is hot to the touch.
  • He is completely weakened and has lost his vitality.
  • He is constantly crying and he is very thirsty.
  • The child falls asleep or dozes off.

In the most severe cases, the child may have seizures and faint. Its vital prognosis is committed and it is necessary to go to the emergency room as soon as possible to avoid dehydration.

How to predict heat stroke during a heat wave?

Dehydration caused by hyperthermia can have very serious consequences. It can actually lead to irreversible and fatal consequences for the victim. Here’s what to do to prevent it:

  • First of all, never leave a baby abandoned in a car, regardless of the weather.
  • Then give him water regularly.
  • In hot weather, take light clothes on your children and seek shade.
  • If you take the holiday route by car, you should preferably leave very early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when it is a little cooler. If you have no choice and you ride during the day, then you should take breaks every two hours. Get your children out of the vehicle so they can get oxygen and air in the shade for at least 10 minutes. During this time, you should also open the doors or windows. Then give them plenty of water.

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