Taxes: What is Galaxie, this new tax tool for tracking scammers?

In 2021, public finances recovered € 10.7 billion for tax evasion (© Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – Actu Occitanie)

That tax fraudthey are ten billion euros in lost revenue each year for the state. Businesses or individuals, some trying to evade taxes by hiding assets and income, or via complex economic events. This is the practice of the tax authorities.

For this, the agents of the Directorate-General for Public Finance (DGFIP) have tools, and a newcomer has just completed their arsenal.

it is Galaxya computerized and automated processing of personal data in connection with tax audits, operational since mid-March 2022.

Visualize, like a family tree, a tax situation

Developed internally by Bercy, Galaxie aims to facilitate the work of the controllers of public finances in the processing and analysis of the files they manage explains to, Stéphane Créange, Deputy Director of Tax Control, Management and Legal Expertise within DGFiP.

“Galaxy allows you to visualize data in graphical form, such as an organization chart or a family tree, all the connections between professional entities and individuals,” he says.

We also get background information on their financial and tax situation. At the beginning we have a small circle, we click on it and we see the whole “galaxy” orbiting it.

Stephane CreangeDeputy Director of Tax Control, Management and Legal Expertise within DGFiP

Basically, if an agent discovers an anomaly or a situation that questions him (companies subject to tax audits, inconsistent statements in relation to the economic environment, etc.), he will be interested in the whole environment.

With a single click, he will see that a partner, a shareholder, an accountant attached to this company, is also in the binoculars of the tax authorities, which will allow him to launch further checks.

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“An incredible time saver”

Turnover, tax liabilities, tax system, reference tax income, surnames, first names, company SIREN, indicator for sensitive persons … all this information is available on Galaxie, as stated in the decree published on Official newspaper.

In the past, you had to go through dozens and dozens of pages to find this information. Now they are available in seconds. It’s an incredible time saver.

Stephane CreangeDeputy Director of Tax Control, Management and Legal Expertise within DGFiP

However, Galaxy does not solve a puzzle and will never replace a tax audit. As DGFiP insists, “fraud can only be detected in a very strict procedure”.

10.7 billion euros in tax fraud recovered in 2021

Will this tool perform miracles and fill the treasury? Stéphane Créange prefers not to go on at this point.

Especially since the lack of tax evasion in France is complex to estimate: “We can not quantify what we do not see. However, the Court of Auditors estimates VAT fraud at 15 billion euros. »

But we know what Bercy recovered as an amount in 2021: last year, 10.7 billion euros were collected during the tax audit, out of a total reported adjustments of 13.4 billion euros for individuals and companies.

The tax authorities have been very mobilized on the Solidarity Fund, the support paid to companies to deal with the closure of their companies during the health crisis: 8,000 of those who received it illegally had to repay it.

Total, 2.5 million unfounded claims rejectedor almost 10 billion euros in aid.

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