Philips draws its ultra-short projector at a low price (but it does not last)

Small projector, (very) big screen! After its noted but overly expensive Screeneo U3 was sold for almost 2,000 euros, Philips is doing it again with its Screeneo U4. Launched on the platform by crowdfunding Indiegogo, where it collected almost 1.9 million euros in orders, offered this ultra-short-throw projector there still for 599 euros, against 1,199 euros when in stores. A good deal ? “20 Minutes” was able to test it in preview.

2 meters diagonally 30 cm from the wall

Unpacked, the Screeneo U4 surprises with its very small size. Measuring 12.35 x 8.15 x 22.35 cm (for 1.4 kg), the unit advances with a rather sleek design. In addition to its discretion, this video projector is therefore ultra-short focal length. This means that it is possible to place it very close to its screen or projection wall. Judge for yourself: it offers a screen diagonal of 15 inches (38 cm) at 19.5 cm away and up to 2 m diagonally at 30.5 cm! This is a positive point that makes him a master of discretion. But also equipment that can easily move from room to room.

Full HD, HDR10 accounts, they are pretty well equipped to satisfy our increasingly greedy desires for pictures. For this it has two HDMI connectors (including a CEC) and a USB 2.0 connector. Its sound section is also quite well equipped with a pair of 2x 15 watt speakers on board. Originality: The Screeneo U4 is also Dual Bluetooth. This means that you can connect two wireless speakers to it, but also headphones or stereo headphones. A wired headset will also do the trick with a 3.5 mini jack.

XXXL image but XL brightness

We saw it during our test: Screeno U4 is simplicity embodied. Without having to make any adjustments (the camera focuses and corrects the keystone alone), it is ready to use. All you have to do is enter the menu to adjust the brightness and select the desired audio output. Then connect a Blu-ray / DVD player, computer, USB key … and enjoy the content with the remote control in hand.

Screeneo U4 is an ultra-short projector. -PHILIPS

However, if the “wow” effect is essential when the image appears very, very large and very clear while the unit is located at the base of our white wall, we had to quickly draw the curtains for our living room to offer him a more conducive environment for the quality of his screen. The reason ? With its brightness of 400 lumens, the projector struggles in a room where darkness is not made. Hence contrasts that really lack depth and blacks that are a bit washed out. Screeneo is therefore more suitable for a real movie / series session in a room thrown into the dark, than for TV use.

A true cinema experience

For its part, the sound quality offered is quite convincing given the small size of the product. The unit’s fan noise is perfectly covered. The combination of two Bluetooth speakers (as long as you have a pair and they are powerful) contributes to the user’s immersion and allows you to expand the sound spectrum by placing the speakers on each side.other from the image. The result is a true movie experience.

The connection of the Philips Screeneo U4 video projector.
The connection of the Philips Screeneo U4 video projector. -PHILIPS

Compared to the Screeneo U4, the overall impression is pretty good. Otherwise, its brightness, which deserves to be amplified, finally lacks enough to repatriate content without having to connect any reader. We really would have appreciated that it was Android TV, just to simplify its use even more. Instead, add a Google Chromecast key (69 euros), an Amazon FireStick (59 euros) or an Apple TV box (from 159 euros) …

Pretty interesting for its exclusive launch on the Indiegogo (599 euros, that’s a very good price for an ultra-short projector!), The Screeneo U4 risks becoming a little less exciting when it hits the market in August. , to 1,199 euros. He will then face better-equipped and cheaper projectors, such as the brand new The Freestyle from Samsung (a short-lived model sold for 819 euros). Similar, compared to classic projectors, but better connected and brighter, like the W1800i from BenQ (1,290 euros). This Android TV model shows a brightness of 2,000 lumens. And is Ultra HD.

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