Mercedes-Benz reinvents the entertainment experience in the car with ZYNC

Mercedes-Benz AG Group has entered into a partnership with ZYNC. The California-based technology company will provide Mercedes-Benz with the world’s first implementation of its premium in-car digital entertainment platform. By assembling a wide range of proprietary and third-party digital content on a single turnkey platform, ZYNC will deliver the platform as well as the interface between content partners and existing compatible Mercedes-Benz hardware. The goal of this partnership is to provide customers with a hassle-free digital entertainment experience tailored to the unique cabin environment of a Mercedes-Benz, while maximizing the benefits of the company’s UI / UX technologies, such as MBUX Hyperscreen. Thanks to ZYNC, Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to access a wide range of quality streaming services both internationally and domestically. The first use of ZYNC is scheduled for the end of the year in EQS and S-Class in Europe. Roll-out to other models and markets is planned for 2023.

Whether it’s news, sports, shows or movies, most people use their favorite streaming content most of the time through their mobile device or television. But the environment inside a Mercedes-Benz presents a specific set of conditions that allow for an immersive cinematic experience with audiovisual content that goes far beyond the simple facilitation of reading. These requirements range from the size, format and location of the screens, to the bespoke arrangement of the speakers, to the type of content and the way to navigate it. By focusing solely on the conditions inside the car, the ZYNC platform seamlessly integrates with Mercedes-Benz hardware as well as current and future operating systems to deliver content in a way that maximizes audiovisual feel, convenience and ease of use.

ZYNC delivers streaming video, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local programming, sports, news, games and more through a hassle-free user interface. Over 30 streaming services are available from premium global, regional and local partners, with additional partners and channels seamlessly integrated. Most of these channels are included and do not require an individual subscription. The prerequisite to take advantage of ZYNC is an active Mercedes-Benz me account with the MBUX entertainment package, which is currently free for one year from order and can then be extended for a fee in the Mercedes portal me (possible exceptions depending on country) .

“We want to offer our customers a unique luxury experience in their vehicles. Technologically, this is only achievable through the interplay between the best hardware and software. Whether it’s our ENERGIZING Comfort programs, the innovative MBUX Hyperscreen or Dolby Atmos, the experience is in a “Mercedes-Benz is unique and can be experienced with many senses. Access to various streaming video offers through ZYNC will soon take our promise of holistic luxury to the next level. This confirms our desire to be at the forefront of software for the automotive industry,” says Markus Schäfer, member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz AG, Head of Technology, Development and Purchasing.

“Through our partnership with ZYNC, Mercedes-Benz aims to unleash the full potential of in – car entertainment through reference hardware such as MBUX Hyperscreen by transforming it into a portal that extends the digital MBUX experience beyond the car. In addition to being even more fluid, direct and personal access to own and third-party content offered by ZYNC, the increase in interactive services will help us deepen our commitment and dialogue with the customer, adds Magnus Östberg, Director of Information Systems at Mercedes-Benz AG.

Dedicated solution maximizes the benefits of advanced Mercedes-Benz hardware

The partnership with ZYNC leverages and maximizes the benefits of the advanced user interface / UX of Mercedes-Benz infotainment systems, such as the Hyperscreen MBUX. Content aggregation means that third-party partners are integrated once into the ZYNC platform. The highly scalable cloud-native platform is optimized for low latency on Mercedes-Benz vehicle hardware.

Specifically, this means that customers will be able to access an ever-widening range of optimized streaming services. The layout is optimized to make the best use of the visual quality and resolution of infotainment systems and their screens. In line with the Mercedes-Benz software strategy, the ZYNC platform offers best-in-class video playback in vehicles with adaptive bit rates and minimal on-board caching requirements. In addition, the ZYNC platform itself is compatible with several Digital Rights Management (DRM) formats.

Safety at the heart of the future of in-car entertainment

Road safety is at the heart of all Mercedes-Benz’s developments in car entertainment and visual content. The partnership with ZYNC is no exception. While the vehicle is in motion, streaming services are limited to, for example, passenger screens or sound, in accordance with local market regulations. Mercedes-Benz is in the future ready to use streaming video when the vehicle is in motion, when level 3 conditional automated driving is allowed there.

About ZYNC:

ZYNC is a unique blend of automotive, software and entertainment worlds and is a California-based company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Munich and Berlin, Germany. The company’s mission is to take in-car entertainment to a new dimension by integrating real-time vehicle data. Founded in 2019, ZYNC maintains strategic partnerships with leading companies in the entertainment and automotive industries.

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